Using news profiles on AOL to get articles on coasters and parks

Using news profiles on AOL to get articles on coasters and parks

Post by NOSPAMMER » Tue, 08 Jul 1997 04:00:00

After posting a few AP articles retrieved through AOL, I've had a few
questions asking how they can set up these news profiles on AOL.  News
Profiles are a service that AOL offers for free.  It searches various
news databases for keywords that you select, then sends all articles
with those keywords to you via e-mail.  Here's how to set one up to get
articles dealing with coasters and parks.

Go to keyword "news profiles."  Click on "create a profile."  Follow the
directions.  For keywords, I chose:
'roller coaster*','amu***t park*','theme park*','thrill ride*'
(feel free to cut and paste this.)  This should cover any article with
any variation of one of these terms (including roller coasterS or thrill
For news sources, I chose all of them, except for the sports and weather

Hope this helps.

I know that other ISP's offer similar services.  E-mail your customer
support for details on how to se them.

David Hamburger
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