Asbury Park/ Maybe the best last chance to save the Palace

Asbury Park/ Maybe the best last chance to save the Palace

Post by Harda » Sat, 07 Sep 2002 15:22:12

I am pasteing the e-mail that we have been looking for on where all the
negotiations have been going. The future looks bleak at best, the people that
hold the rights to the property have the power. He who has the gold wins.
Anyway, here is the latest Save Tillie update:

Subj: SAVE TILLIE UPDATE: 2 Requests for help during September
Date: 9/5/02 7:55:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Bob Crane)

Hi, everyone --

As of today, three months remain on the detestable Dec. 5 deadline
for finding a Palace buyer. We need your help this month, in two

AND THEN THERE WERE THREE -- We enter September with
three organization seriously considering purchase of the Palace.
They are:

(1) ARTSPACE -- This Minneapolis based group which restores
old buildings as art centers toured the Palace for the second time
two weeks ago. The tour went well, and before leaving Asbury
Park, an Artspace official said he intends to make a Palace
presentation to his organization.

(2) FAMILY & CHILDRENS SERVICE -- Brooke Tarabour
continues to pursue private investors for her plan to restore the
Palace as a performing arts school and theater. We have a standing
agreement to help Brooke whenever shes ready; when we talked
last week, she wasnt ready, but reported making progress.

(3) CHILDRENS MUSEUM -- These folks are moving rapidly
toward completing their financing plan. During August, Save Tillie
member Bill King agreed to serve as insurance advisor to the
committee, and new member Michael McCann helped recruit an
accountant, so the museum team, as well as the plan, grows

MEANWHILE, Save Tillie, along with Domenic Santana of the
Stone Pony and others, has asked the New Jersey State Historic
Preservation Office for a meeting to discuss the impact of
redevelopment on the Palace and other historic structures. This
will be a crucial meeting, because Ocean Front Acquisitions must
obtain permits from state agencies before starting construction.
The Historic Preservation Office is a key state agency in the
permitting process, so we need to know how state historians plan
to use existing regulations to help us protect the Palace.

This leads us to two urgent requests, two steps we ask you to
please consider taking during September:

fight over the Palace and other waterfront landmarks is going to
take place not in Asbury Park, but in Trenton, the state capital.
The developers want officials in Trenton to grant permission for
them to clear the waterfront of buildings which stand in the way of
building luxury condos. Some officials, including those in the State
Historic Preservation Office, are fans of the Palace. We are,
however, unsure how New Jerseys new governor, James
McGreevey, will handle the pressure from the developers.

This much is very clear: Gov. McGreevey needs to hear from you,
no matter where you live. It would be very cool if you can ask
your friends and neighbors and family members to also write; it will
be impossible for us to send too many letters. What to say? Just
tell the governor how you feel about the Palace, and why the Palace
should be protected by the State. The Governor obviously cares
about tourism and economic development. Let him know why the
historic places such as the Palace can become a tourism magnet.
Let him know why the Liverpool example is a model for bringing
wealth and prosperity to Asbury Park. Let him know why the
current waterfront plan can be made even better by saving the
historic buildings.

We know from past experience that personal letters, written from a
positive perspective, are truly powerful. This is not the time for
rant or anger. Be positive, heartfelt, and friendly, and please make
sure to stress that a restored Palace will help draw visitors and
visitors money that will benefit all of Asbury Park.

You can write Governor McGreevey at:

The Honorable James McGreevey
Governor, State of New Jersey
P.O. Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625

You may also email the Governor. However, the State of New
Jersey web site requires you to first fill out a slightly annoying form
at It is probably best this
time to use regular mail.

issues facing us between now and the Dec. 5 deadline, were going
to need to raise some funds. Not a lot, but enough to make sure we
do everything possible to affect the sale of the Palace. We're
especially going to need the help of some preservation specialists
in dealing with the situation in Trenton.

We, therefore, have an offer exclusively for Save Tillie members we
hope will be of interest to you. Two new books take a fascinating
look at the places in Bruce Springs***s life and music. Rock &
Roll Tour of the Jersey Shore, by Stan Goldstein and Jean Mikle,
is a guide and map to the places Springs***, Southside Johnny,
Bon Jovi and others made famous (and not so famous) at the New
Jersey Shore. A Place To Stand is a guide to Springs***s
sense of place, analyzing the lyrical impact of places specifically
implied and/or mentioned in Bruces songs. A copy of the latter,
written by Save Tillie president Bob Crane, will be included in the
Weisman Museum of Arts exhibition Springs***: Troubador of
the Highway which opens in Minneapolis on Sept. 22. Some of
you saw a draft of A Place To Stand during the music tourism
conference; since then, it has been significantly revised and updated
to include The Rising.

For the first 25 contributions of $50 or more to Save Tillie, well
send you a copy of Rock & Roll Tour of the Jersey Shore and A
Place To Stand. This offer may not last too long, so you might

copies. Estimated mailing date, due to publication schedules, is
Sept. 20.

For the next 25 contributions of $25 or more, well send you a copy
of A Place To Stand, again, with Sept. 20 as our target mailing

Save Tillie is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and as our
lawyers always urge: check with your tax advisor before claiming
any deduction.

You can make your contribution online using a credit card at

send your contribution by check or money order to:

Save Tillie
3 Glen Road
Howell NJ 07731

We appreciate your help, and will keep you updated as
developments unfold during this crucial period.

The Save Tillie Board:

Deborah Robinson, Chris Phillips, Stacie Tobin, Tom Dobbins,
Maggie Powell, Rick Mariani, Carl Beams, Bob Crane.

On a last note, I give the save Tillie campaign a lot of credit. They started
out trying to save only the impression of Tillie as Springs*** Fans. As time
went on, they went farther and I think some of them refound their joy for rides
as well. But one thing is toally sure, these GP were more intent on saving a
Park and  its' history than any other group out there. I hold a lot more
respect to the Boss and his fans than I ever have. My thanks to those people
who have dedicated their time to this cause, you all deserve Americas Thanks
for wanting to preserve a very important part of Americana. God Bless you all,
and if Tillie goes the way of the Edsel, The Fairlane, the Palisades Park,
Bertrands Island and so many others, it was not for lack of trying.  Asbury
will be back in short time, then people will take their heads out of the sand
and start saying why?  I just hope no one ever asks me that question, they will
be laid out like King Tut in an eyeblink.

You all talk up a good save a park story,  when will everyone start walking
that talk?? What's next, Whalom?


Ready for the 2002 Season, looking forward to riding with friends again.