CP 2000, thats CRAZY!!!!!

CP 2000, thats CRAZY!!!!!

Post by Viso » Sun, 07 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I cant believe this at all, that coaster would break every single record.
Highest Speed = 117 mph
Length= 9,482 feet
inversions =11
Height: (full circut) =322 ft
drop = 315

This ride is crazy does anyone think it could happen??

This is what thrill ride said
"From what I heard Cedar Point will be getting two coasters in 2000. One by B&M
behind the Mean Streak and one by Arrow by where Oceana is. We only have
statistics about the Arrow coaster. Here they are:

Max height: 322 ft.
Max drop: 315 ft.
Angle of descent: 75 degrees
Iversions:11 (210 ft. vertical loop, 120 ft. vertical loop, 2 100 ft.
corkscrews, a snake eye (3 inversions, boomerang w/loop in the middle) coming
out from beneath the lake, a batwing, an inclined loop, and a dive loop.
Length: 9,482 ft.
Max. speed: 117 m.p.h.
Colors: silver track and black supports
G-forces: 5.5

Also, this coaster will have a revolutionary shoulder harness design and seat
two across and have 10 cars with 4 people in each. It will have 4 trains. The
ride duration is 4 minutes and about 30 seconds. The name is undecided however,
but I know I'm sure e***d!"


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CP 2000, thats CRAZY!!!!!

Post by RSteven8 » Mon, 08 Feb 1999 04:00:00



>This ride is crazy does anyone think it could happen??

I think that's the ride that's a stand-up invert.  It will be built over the
parking lot like SFGAm's Shockwave where, in 2001, it will sink into the
largest pothole in Ohio's history!   <evil grin>  

who saw some pretty big potholes on the way home from the airport!
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