TR: Indiana Beach & Fun Spot 7/3

TR: Indiana Beach & Fun Spot 7/3

Post by Allen Hit » Mon, 13 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Well I finally made it to Indiana Beach.  This was my first trip there and I
will say that I am impressed.  We arrived Thurs 7/2 around 10:00 p.m.and
checked in to the motel at the park.  I am certainly glad I followed all of
your suggestions about staying there.  The Hoosier Hurricane loading station
was about 100 yards from my door!  After checking in we went in to the park
and bought a ticket for the Hurricane.  Since I was going to be riding all
weekend I just wanted to get one ride in Thursday night.  This was a fun
coaster but I thought it could have used more airtime.  I rode in the back
seat and not knowing the layout was taken by surprise by the drop that goes
under the pedestrian bridge and then up in to the turn around.  As we made
the turn I realized just how close we were to other buildings and the Giant
Wheel.  For the first part of the ride we were in darkness then momentarily
blinded by the lights on the Giant Wheel as we headed for it.  I couldn't
see until we completed the turn and in to the next drop.  Friday morning I
was able to see just how compact this park is and how well space is
utilized.  I have heard people compare the "stacking" to that of Blackpool
Pleasure Beach and they were right.  This is especially true with the
Hoosier Hurricane.  The layout is impressive as it travels over buildings,
rides and over the water.

Next coaster was the Tig'rrr.  I have ridden Jumbo Jets before but never a
smaller Jet Star like this one.  No lap bars or restraints just get in to
the toboggan style cars and go.  I even got a little airtime riding in the
back by myself as we were heading down the first drop.  I really enjoyed
this coaster and logged more rides on it than the Hurricane.  Their new ride
this year is Den of Lost Thieves - an interactive dark ride.  This was my
first time on these rides that allow you to shoot at targets as you ride.
The capacity is low as each car only seats two passengers and there are only
8 cars on the ride.  As far as dark rides go this was above average.  Each
car has two pistols that sit in holsters.  When you board an LED screen
comes on in front of you to show your score.  As you ride you and your
partner shoot at bullseye targets and rack up points.  I only rode once and
ended up with 330 points.

It was packed on the 4th of July at the park.  Yet I still managed to rack
up a number of rides on the Hurricane and Tig'rrr.  The park also has a
Galaxi but it's one of those been there/done that rides.  I highly recommend
this park to those who have never been there.  It is a great traditional

On the return trip home stopped at Fun Spot in Angola.  Again this was my
first time there.  I wasn't expecting much and well didn't get much.  I
wanted to ride Afterburner, their Arrow shuttle loop, but it was closed and
would not open for the day.  I did ride their Zyklon and am still puzzled by
the over the shoulder restraints on this ride - why?  Did the park acquire
the trains from another park that had a coaster with track the same size as
the Zyklon?   Of interest to Bayern Kurve fans - Fun Spot is installing one.
Park employees were working on installing the ride while I was there.  The
track was up but the rest of the ride lay in pieces and electrical wire and
the control box sat in open crates.  The ride is going up along side the
Afterburner and next to the  Troika.  I asked one of the maintenance guys
(OK a 16 year old with a hammer and a puzzled look on his face) where the
ride came from.  He was not sure but thought it was from Old Indiana.   I
wish this park well.  It is very small and while I was there Sunday there
seemed to be more ride operators than patrons.

For those traveling past Angola on the IN turnpike.  Take 69 west a few
miles and stop in to this park.  They could use the business and it's a
great way to take a driving break.