(TR) Indiana Beach May 26, 2008

(TR) Indiana Beach May 26, 2008

Post by Edward » Sun, 08 Jun 2008 10:15:25

Because we didnt end up going to Kentucky Kingdom on Saturday, Matt
wanted to stop by on Sunday on our way to Indiana Beach since
Louisville was on the way.  Wed made plans to meet up with Danny and
Patrick, but Rob and Melissa had another hard morning waking up, so we
didnt make our deadline for Kentucky Kingdom.  Actually, we all ended
up being kind of late, then we found out that the Indy 500 was
happening that day.  Not that that would usually matter, but we were
going thru Indianapolis.

So after gathering everything up and leaving the motel, we stopped
across the street for gas and ran in to Brian.  We talked about the
nite before just before we parted ways, Brian and his gang heading to
Beech Bend, and me and my gang heading to Indiana Beach.  It was quite
a long journey, though it was interstate most of the way.  We took the
beltway around Indianapolis so as to avoid any Indy 500 traffic, but
we did see the DirecTV blimp circling around as we drove past.

After almost 6 hours of driving, we arrived at Indiana Beach.  We only
had about 4 hours, but that would be enough time to have some fun at
the park.  This was another park that offers discounts for coaster
enthusiasts, so I got in for almost half price again thanks to Matt.
Once we paid and took some pictures by the park map we headed out on
the bridge.  You get a great view of Indiana Beach from here.  And I
loved what I saw.  We kept stopping and taking pictures as Matt talked
to Craig on the phone.  Then we made our way into the park.  The first
stop we were going to make was Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain,
however, the line was quite long, they were only running 1 train, and
the ride was down when we got in line anyways.

Instead of riding Lost Coaster, though, we headed down the midway.
This was the point where I commented to Matt that I already loved the
park, even if I hadnt rode anything yet.  The atmosphere was great,
the park reminded me a lot of the Myrtle Beach Pavilion, and it was
such a nice day.  As we walked over to Hoosier Hurricane, we passed by
Frankensteins Castle.  I wanted to do this, so Matt, Dan and I went
in while Matt told Rob and Melissa to head out and do their own thing
instead of wait on us since we had a limited time.  Matt was even nice
enough to pay for admission for Dan and Me.

Frankensteins Castle-This was a funky, fun, and funny dark ride.  I
loved it.  It was quite a long attraction and much different than I
expected.  I miss walk thru haunted houses and dark rides.  The
chamber with the rock band was funny, and some of the scares really
got me.  Plus it was all air conditioned, so that helped.  We even got
some pictures inside.  Frankensteins Castle was definitely a unique
walk-thru attraction that Id most certainly do again.

So after we did the dark ride walk-thru we headed over to Cornball
Express.  There were a few rides closed during the day, most notably
for Matt the flyers.  I like how the wood coaster stations are
elevated above the midway, this made for interesting visuals.  We
walked up the steps to Cornball to a nearly empty queue.

Cornball Express-I honestly didnt have extremely high hopes for
Cornball.  No reason other than my lack of familiarity of it.  We
turned the corner and started up the lift.  This is the shorter of the
2 major wooden coasters at IB, both in height and in length.  And I
have to say again, Im becoming a strong believer that most of the
best wooden coasters dont go over 100 feet.  According to RCDB, this
coaster is only 55 tall.  But that first twisting drop is amazing.
Then the next couple of hills have great airtime as youre twisting
and turning in the tight spaces that this coaster comprises.  Dan and
I rode in the back seat with Matt in front of us.  I love how it
intertwines with Hurricane, and how it circles the area with Tigrr.
After the twists and turns, turning back under Hurricane, and then
heading around again, you get the best 2 pops of air from the last 2
hills.  This coaster quickly skyrocketed up my list to land in my top
ten with my first ride.  Oh yes, I was going to love Indiana Beach.

Cornball impressed me.  Probably more than any coaster this trip
because I was so unfamiliar with its layout or anything.  I knew it
was well liked, but I didnt know it was that great.  We were pretty
close to Tigrr, so we headed there next.  They only ran 2 cars, but
the wait was very minimal.

Tigrr- This was my first Jet Star ever.  They look like fun, so I was
anxious to ride it.  Dan and I sat in the front of the car, with Matt
behind us.  I wasnt expecting much, but the ride was great fun.  It
seems really fast and has strong laterals.  The first drop was really
great, even if parts of it were painful because of the way I was
sitting.  Tigrr is another great family ride and Im happy to finally
have ridden a Jet Star.

Matt warned me that Hoosier Hurricane was rather tame, even if it
did look huge.  We headed to it next.  I was able to snap a couple of
pictures of the structure for Steel Hawg from the station.  I hope I
get back up to ride that soon, it looks like its going to be fun from
what Ive seen.

Hoosier Hurricane-The line wasnt very long, but with a 1 train wait,
it makes the wait seem forever.  Then there was some type of issue as
we were about 1 train away from getting on the ride that ate up at
least 20 minutes of our time.  No big worries, though.  Dan and I
again headed to the very back as Matt sat in front of us.  Hoosier
Hurricane has an odd lift hill, with the S curve after the lift.  The
first drop was good, and while the next couple of hills were fun, they
were light on air.  This feels like a perfect family coaster, and even
if it is the biggest one in the park, its probably the tamest one as
well.  I loved the turn around, and the run back was fun as well.  It
isnt an airtime machine (Kind of looks like one from off the ride,
though), however, the coaster is a lot of fun.

We were leaving the station as we saw Rob and Melissa.  Matt and I
wanted to get something to eat, but Dan decided hed go with R & M for
another ride on Hoosier Hurricane.  Matt and I walked down the midway
and stopped at the famous Taco Stand.  On Friday nite at Holiwood
Nights I reminded Frank that he owed me dinner, since I was able to
complete the Clint Challenge of 2007, which meant that I had to get at
least so many rides on a roller coaster for an entire year.  I won, so
Frank gave me cash for dinner.  Well, not only did he pay for dinner,
he also paid for my entrance to Indiana Beach, so I scored big time.
And the Tacos and Pork Tenderloin sandwich with Lemonade I had for
dinner was worth every re-ride I took on a coaster last year.  Matt
had about 5 tacos.  Yes, they really were that good.

The line for Lost Coaster was really long at this point, so we decided
to skip it.  Instead we headed to the skyway, which is the best way to
get from one end of the park to the other.  I loved the Skyway, I was
able to take more pictures from above the park and really get to see
how its all laid out.  During the ride Rob called to tell us they
were at the Sky Room restaurant ordering dinner and asked us to stop
by.  We went right by the Sky Room on the Skyway.  Once we got off we
headed up.

Id heard a lot about this restaurant, and it was exactly like Id
pictured it in my mind.  We didnt eat there since wed just had
dinner, but Dan, Rob, and Melissa all ordered, so Matt and I headed
back out to the midway for more rides, going to the Double Shot for a

Double Shot-Im really beginning to love these short shot towers.
Matt told me this one was better than Holiday Worlds, and he was
right.  I dont know why, but it was more forceful and gave more
airtime on both hops.  Plus the view is really nice.  We didnt wait a
very long time to ride, and I like how the ride is away from the rest
of the park because there is nothing around you to give you much of a
point of reference.  Also, this one shoots up from a lower point that
most shot towers do, no raising the gondola a few feet off of the
ground before launch, but maybe 3 feet max.  I loved it.

By this point, Matt and I had pretty much been up and down the entire
midway.  And I was still falling in love with Indiana Beach.  So we
headed back down to the middle part of the midway to get the other
steel coaster that Indiana Beach had, a Galaxi.  I hadnt ridden one
of these since the Myrtle Beach Pavilion got rid of theirs.  The line,
once again, was not long, so we walked right into the station and onto
the train.

Galaxi-I love these kinds of coasters.  This one was kind of rough,
but still a lot of fun, especially since I hadnt ridden one in so
long.  The first drop was fun, but Galaxi coasters are really more
about laterals and tight drops.  No major airtime, but there are some
Oh my Goodness moments of the ride.  Im happy that there are small
parks that have reserved this type of coaster.

We walked up the midway and headed to Den of Lost Thieves.  Id heard
so much about this ride since it had been built, but really didnt
know a lot about it.  I know it kind of looked ghetto from the
outside, but we got in line anyway.

Den of Lost Thieves-It was weird sitting in the old Sally Dark Ride
cars that came equipped with blasters.  I was not impressed when we
went down the first hallway and up the little lift hill.  I didnt
think it was going to be fun at all.  In the end, though, Den of Lost
Thieves was a nice shooter dark ride.  This makes like 6 of these Ive
done now.  Two in one weekend.  The ride was well done and didnt seem
like the blasters needed calibrated for once.  I love dark rides, and
this was surprisingly a good one.

We walked down the midway some more and then decided to ride the
Galaxy.  There was no line to speak of, so as we made our way to the
entrance, we headed back to the 2nd car in the train with no wait.

Galaxy- I havent ridden one of these since the Myrtle Beach Pavilion
lost theirs.  I loved the one at the beach, and rode it many times as
a kid.  While a bit rough, Galaxy Coasters are still a lot of fun.
The first drop is good with a nice pop of air in the back as youre
yanked over, but these coasters are as much about lateral forces as
youre swung around the tight curves and down the short drops.  Im
glad at least someone has decided to keep these around.

There was only one credit left at the park, Lost Coaster of
Superstition Mountain.  Matt and I went over to find the line still
severely long.  But it was the last coaster I had yet to ride, so we
decided to wait it out and got in line.  Thankfully we had plenty to
talk about, and I got a couple of good pictures from the line.

Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain- I vaguely remember hearing
about this ride and seeing pictures when it was being built.  When it
was our turn, Matt and I got in the 2nd car of the train seating
backwards.  He pointed out the heavy padding.  I was kind of weirded
out by the lap bar, and when I said something, the ride op just kind
of laughed.  The lift and skeleton talking to you was a nice touch.
When the ride started going, it began very forceful.  Ill be honest,
other than the 2 wolves, I didnt see much in the way of scenery.  It
all just went by so fast.  LoCoSuMo is an intense coaster for what it
was.  I liked both the indoor parts and outdoor parts.  But it was a
bit rough.  I told Matt when it was all over that I wasnt sure if I
liked it or hated it, but I guess in the end it was okay.

Once we finished with Lost Coaster we headed back over for another
shot at the other coasters.  Cornball did seem faster at nite, I
really love that coaster.  We rode towards the back again and it was
blissful.  We also hit up Hoosier Hurricane for one more ride.  By
this point, it was pretty dark, so I got my nite ride on a woody by
the water.  Hurricane was better in the dark for some reason.

At this point everything was starting to close.  They actually closed
off the line for Hurricane while we were in the station.  We made our
way back to the Taco stand for Matt to get more Tacos, and we saw
Melissa, Dan, and Rob in line for Lost Coaster.  They ended up with
the final ride of the nite.  I could have joined them, but I was
beat.  We were some of the last people to leave the park, and we hung
out on the bridge for a bit.  Then we got in the car and headed out.

Once we were on the road, I stopped and filled up with gas again.  We
had a long enough drive back, so I pumped up some Daft Punk (Alive
2007) and we talked and goofed off and what not.  About half way to
Louisville, though, I got really sleepy.  We stopped at a Steak and
Shake for the kiddies to get their shake on, and I gave the wheel to
Matt.  I fell asleep in the passenger seat all the way into

We stayed at a Howard Johnson by the airport with Six Flags Kentucky
Kingdom in the background.  If I had a season pass, I may have stopped
by for a couple hours the next morning.  Everyone else left early and
took a shuttle to the airport.  I left around 11am, stopped to get
gas, and then got on the interstate, ready to get home as I was at
least 6 and a half hours away.  But that didnt happen.

Sixty-one miles out of Louisville, and just a few miles from
Lexington, my tired died.  For good this time.  I called for help and
the guy they sent didnt have the tools to lower my spare.  And it was
Memorial Day, so nothing was open.  I had a very nice police officer
take me to Wal*Mart to pick up some Fix a Flat, but that didnt work
either.  So my last resort was to have my parents come and fix my
flat.  I didnt want them to have to drive over five hours, but they
insisted.  And since it was all my fathers fault for not putting my
tools back in, I didnt object.

By this point, I had yet to eat or drink anything today.  Not one sip
of water.  And I was going to be stranded on the side of the road for
hours.  I pent the majority of the time sleeping ort rying to sleep.
The hours went by faster than Id imagined they would.  Eventually,
Mom and Dad did show up, we did fix the tire, they got me gas and food
and something to drink and just made everything all better.  We didnt
get home until 2:30 am of the next morning, Dad driving my Xterra for
the last hour as I slept.  Then I had to get up early to go to
training.  Why do bad things always happen to me on coaster trips?