NJ Shore Coasters (long)

NJ Shore Coasters (long)

Post by Ken Denton (Supervis » Sat, 24 Dec 1994 23:13:45

Last year, someone on rec.roller-coaster had mentioned doing an ***
on the Jersey Shore.  Well, I tried that this weekend, and it's mighty
hard to fit it all in in one day.  My first attempt was on a Friday,
and that was a bad idea, in that a lot of the rides don't open until
the evenings on weekdays.  So, I went back for part two on Saturday, and
was still foiled - details follow.

Here's an *** on the shore, from North to South.

Seaside Heights

There are two amu***t piers at Seaside, I don't know their names.  The
northenmost peir has two coasters, a Schwarzkopf Jetstar and an indoor
wild-mouse type ride called Wizard's Cavern.  There are a lot of other
cool rides on this pier, a zipper among others.

The Jetstar is a fun ride in that it is located RIGHT on the edge of the
peir, on the water's edge - makes for a great visual thrill.  The Wizard's
Cavern is unique in that it has an external mechanism for getting the cars
up the spiral lift hill, and the wild ride in the total dark is good for
a lot of laughs.

The other pier at Seaside thwarted both my attempts.  They open at 6,
regardless of weekday or weekend.  They have a small looper that looks
interesting, but I haven't had a chance to sample it yet.

Atlantic City

45 minutes south of Seaside, A.C. is home to the Tivoli Plunge, an indoor
compact steel coaster located inside Trop World.  Time did not permit me
to check this one out yet.  The TropWorld amu***t area opens at 4pm.

Ocean City

15 minutes south of A.C., Ocean City is home to 2 steel coasters.  Gillian's
Wonderland Pier at the North end of the boardwalk has a Schwarzkopf City Jet
compact steel coaster, and Playland at the southern end of the boardwalk
has a Flitzer steel ride.  The City Jet will cost you $2.40, and the Flitzer
will set you back $2.10.


There's lots of rides in Wildwood, which is located 40 minutes to the south
of Ocean City.  Again, the rides are divided among two amu***t piers,
Morey's Pier in the north, and Hunt's Pier to the south.

Hunt's Pier has a small steel coaster with no name, which was not very
exciting, and a Vekoma boomerang called the Sea Serpent.  Morey's Pier
has a Flitzer and the relocated Jetstar from Knoebel's Grove, which
they've painted lavender and white.  They also have an indoor PTC
coaster that was not working while I was there.

So, there's lots to do and a lot of ground to cover for one day, compounded
by the late-opening situation at some piers.  If you want to try to ***
the shore in one day, good luck to you!

Subject: TRIP REPORT: Conko's Party Pier (Wildwood, NJ)
Date: 8 Jul 1993 03:02:29 GMT

OVERVIEW -- Friday, 6/11/93 -- Conko's Party Pier (Wildwood, NJ)

There's not much to say about this pier.  It's right next to Morey's Pier,
and it used to be Hunt's Pier.  There used to be a five-inversion steelie
called the Kamikaze, but it's been moved to SFOG and renamed the Ninja.
I stayed on this pier for about 10 minutes.


The ACE 1992 Coaster Census says this ride is "standing but not operating",
but it was indeed operating.  It barely qualifies as a coaster, but only
because the trains are gravity-powered.  It's a respectable dark ride,
however -- there's a nicely painted fluorescent display and an okay
strobe effect.  Don't expect any interesting G-forces, however.  The train
goes very slowly, and there are heavy brakes on the one or two little drops.
The trains are from PTC, with two 1-seat cars per train.  I rode it once --
it costs 6 tickets, at 40 cents apiece.  


OVERVIEW -- Friday, 6/11/93 -- Morey's Pier & Mariner's Landing (Wildwood, NJ)

These are two separate piers on the Wildwood boardwalk, owned by the same
company and about a 1/2 mile apart.  If you Pay One Price ($17), it's good
for both piers.  (Both piers also have decent-looking water slides.  I don't
know whether these are included in the POP.)  I made the mistake of buying
individual tickets, because I underestimated the number of rides (and the
number of times I'd ride).  Individual tickets were 25/$10, 40/$15, etc.
I ended up buying 25 tickets at each pier, and I spent an hour at each.
I would have spent a lot more time if I'd been there during the day, and
if I'd bought the POP.  I'll definitely go back to Wildwood for a weekend.
There's also a fair number of boardwalk arcades, and they all had the
latest games (including the new Twilight Zone pinball).

SEA SERPENT (Mariner's Landing)

This is a standard Vekoma Boomerang, identical to the ones at La Ronde,
SFOT, and Hersheypark.  It cost 7 tickets, and I rode it twice.  There
was practically no line -- less than one trainload.  (I waited 40 minutes
the next night to ride the same ride at Hersheypark.)  The operators did
not check the over-the-shoulder restraints very thoroughly -- the kid
sitting next to me in the second seat seemed to have a LOT of give in
his restraint, but he survived.  Ride at your own peril.

ZYKLON (Mariner's Landing)

Typical portable production steel coaster, similar to a Galaxi.  I just
realized that "Zyklon" is supposed to be a twist on "Cyclone".  Go figure.
This one cost 6 tickets, and I rode it once.

JET STAR (Morey's Pier)

Another small steel Schwartzkopf coaster with minimal restraints.  This
one used to be at Knoebels, and it was painted purple at Morey's Pier.
Unlike the City Jet at Wonderland Pier, the Jet Star has a lift hill.
Beyond that, I have trouble remembering the differences.  The City Jet
had two abrupt drops, but I think the Jet Star had more twists and
banked turns.  (I remember looking around as I was riding the Jet Star,
trying to figure out which way the track was going to twist next.)
Like the City Jet, this is a solid performer -- I could ride it all day.
It cost 6 tickets, and I rode it twice.  (By the way, I didn't notice any
"Jet Star" sign on the coaster itself.)

FLITZER (Morey's Pier)

Similar to a Galaxi, with furniture.  The track weaves in and out of holes
in a backdrop, so it's difficult to gauge where it's going.  I refrained
from holding up my hands on this one, because I couldn't see how much
clearance there was between the train and the backdrop.  It cost 5 tickets,
and I rode it once.


Mariner's Landing has a nice big Ferris Wheel, on a par with the one at
Wonderland Pier.  It cost 5 tickets, and I rode it once.

Morey's Pier has a very good log flume with two full-length drops.  It
doesn't get you soaked, but the drops are tall and steep.  It cost 7
tickets, and I rode it once.

One of the piers (or maybe both) had a fun-looking game where you and
a friend wear massively padded body suits and throw yourselves at each
other, ala sumo wrestlers.  This isn't included in the POP, and I forget
what they were charging.


OVERVIEW -- Friday, 6/11/93 -- Wonderland Pier (Ocean City, NJ)

This was a nice little assortment of rides near the Ocean City boardwalk.
No admission price, ride tickets were 50 cents each.  The rides didn't
start running until 6:00 pm.  I spent about 30 minutes here.


A compact Schwartzkopf coaster, similar to the Jumbo Jet.  It doesn't
really have a lift "hill" -- instead, the train rides up a helix to
the top.  Schwartzkopf coasters never fail to entertain me.  This one
has two good drops and the usual fast banked turns.  It cost 4 tickets
($2), and I rode it three times.

By the way, Guide To Ride shows a photo of this City Jet (p. 26) with
a crane attached to the center post.  Neither the crane nor the "City Jet"
sign were there when I rode it.


There's a large Ferris Wheel that gives a great view of the ocean and
Ocean City.  Definitely worth the 4 tickets ($2).


OVERVIEW -- Friday, 6/11/93 -- Tivoli Pier (TropWorld, Atlantic City, NJ)

Tivoli Pier is an indoor collection of rides and games inside the TropWorld
***.  It's a huge rip-off, in my opinion.  You can pay something like
$9 for Pay One Price, or you can pay $5.40 for admission and $1.25 per ride.
I didn't intend to ride the coaster more than once, so I chose the latter.
I stayed in Tivoli Pier for about 10 minutes.


This has got to be the lamest excuse for a roller-coaster, anywhere, ever.
I can almost always find something good to say about a coaster, but it's
pretty tough with this one.  It goes up, it turns, it comes down.  The end.
I've avoided riding this coaster in the past, just because it didn't look
worth the money (and it's not), but this time I was collecting check marks
for my coaster list.

After I rode the Tivoli Plunge, I hit the blackjack tables and won a quick
$100, so in a sense TropWorld paid me $93 to ride their coaster.  (Luck was
with me for almost the entire trip -- this was only the first example.)