Excelsior Amusement Park

Excelsior Amusement Park

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>My first coaster ride was on the now dismantled woodie at the Excelsior
>amu***t park (closed sometime in the late 60's or early 70's) in Excelsior,
>MN.  I remember attending picnics there from a very early age and waiting
>not so patiently until I was tall enough to ride the coaster.  I remember
>anticipating that annual picnic from year to year.  Each summer I'd think
>"maybe it would be *this* year..."

>My grandfather accompanied me on my first ride.  If I remember correctly,
>it was an out-n-back with what I used to call a 'helix' at the end.  I loved
>the experience.

>I remember riding the coaster during two of those picnics - and my
>dissapointment in learning that the coaster would be dismantled.

>Does anyone out there know the name of that coaster?

        The name of that roller coaster is the High Roller and it is still in
use today at Valleyfair Family Amu***t Park in Shakopee, Minnesota.  From
what I know of the history of the park (I worked there the last two summers as
a ride hostess on the Corkscrew)  this ride was never dismantled because a
group of business men bought it out and changed the name of the park to
Valleyfair!  I hope that this is the park that you speak of because I have
lived in Minnesota all my life and this is the only amu***t park that I know
of.  I know that the name of the original park was Excelsior Park and it only
contained a few rides, and it was very small.  When it opened in 1976 as
Valleyfair, the park still had it's original rides and a few extra (of which I
am not exactly sure.)  But now the park has grown and now includes over 68
acres and numerous rides (It is a very small park compared to Six Flags and
Valleyfairs two sister parks, Downey Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania and
Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio)  

But I do think that you refer to the High Roller at Valleyfair.  It is still in
use and scares me when I ride it, yet it is one of my favorite rides in the
park.  This coaster goes under extensive inspection every morning and is
inspected again in the middle of the day and then again in the evening as is
every coaster in the park.  The park is located in Shakopee, Minnesota which
is located across the river from Excelsior which could be where they got the
original name from.  

I hope that this is of help to you and if you have any more questions about the

answer any more questions you may have.

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>This may sound a little too melodramatic, but hey, I love the rush of a good
>drop and the sound of a hundred screeching wheels mixed with a few good screams!

>Ride on!

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Excelsior Amusement Park

Post by Bob Garwo » Wed, 10 Nov 1993 04:04:41

Nope, Valley Fair is NOT at the same location as the former Excelsior Park.

Excelsior park was in Excelsior (out towards/at Lake Minnetonka) while
Valley Fair is in Shakopee (in the valley of the Minnesota River, which
flooded at least part of the park this past summer).

I grew up in Minnesota but never visited Excelsior park, although I
vaguely remember when it closed down.  My recollection is that
the whole thing was simply destroyed although I suppose its possible
that some of it was salvaged and later moved to the Valley Fair location.

Bob Garwood