NEWS: New Coaster At Indiana Beach: Indiana

NEWS: New Coaster At Indiana Beach: Indiana

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New Coaster At Indiana Beach: Indiana. (News Briefs).

Tim O'Brien
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3 December 2001
Amu***t Business

ISSN: 0003-2344; Volume 113; Issue 48
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Indiana Beach will be building a new Custom Coasters International
roller coaster in its existing Superstition Mountain attraction.
Officials at the Monticello, Indiana, park told AB the track will
follow the route that the current dark ride now follows and that no
new special effects will be added during the first year of operation.
The coaster will be taken to the top of a new part of the mountain by
elevator and from that point, gravity will take the family ride
through the tunnels of the artificial mountain. Speeds will reach 20
mph during the ride.