TR: Meadowlands Fair (Extremely Long)

TR: Meadowlands Fair (Extremely Long)

Post by Brian Lamendo » Wed, 30 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Where: Meadowlands Fair
When: June 28, 1999
Crowds: C-R-O-W-D-S-?
Weather: Not too hot, not too cool. Just right..
Longest Wait: 2 Minutes (No Typos Here!)

My anticipation of this trip was rather dull. I had not ridden a flat ride
which went upside down. I had no plans to ride a flat ride that went upside
down. I think I'm scared of getting sick in the ride, yet I know I won't. What
follows is a report of one of the biggest rushes of my life. It may not seem
like much to you fine people, but I'm scared of these things... yet, I'm fine
on coasters. Go figure..

Brief History Of The Fair: The Meadowlands Fair ( is
run by Strates Shows ( Strates' web site claims they
have the only traveling Top Spin in the world, which they bought in 1997.
Strates' is also the only remaining fair to travel by railroad.

Trip Report (Finally!): I arrived at the Meadowlands Fair, which,
coincidentally is held at the Meadowlands, at 6:45 PM. I was with my friends
Jenn, Lauren, and Kristen. All of them had ridden upside-down flat rides. I
refused to ride one. My plan for this trip was to ride the bumper cars, swings,
log flume, skyride, maybe a walk though the haunted house, and I'm done! It
didn't work that way...

I paid my $6.00 entrance fee to get into the fair, then another $14.00 to ride
all day. We walked around for a few minutes, then headed to..

Wait Time (For My Friends): 10 Seconds

I can't remember the name of this ride, but I do remember it was somewhat
similar to a Himalaya. It wasn't one however, it had different cars. They
seemed to think it was boring, I thought it looked intense... Remember, I
haven't ridden any upside down flat rides, nor anything which went very high or
spun really fast.

After that ride, we stopped to get something to eat, then headed for the...

SWINGS (1 Ride)
Wait Time: 30 Seconds

Hey, I can ride this! It won't scare me away! Nifty ride, and I got some nice
spinning action in my chair.

Whoa! Look, a...

ZYCLON [help me out with the name here...] (1 Ride)
Wait Time: 2 Minutes

Hey, just what I needed, a roller coaster! Haven't ridden one since April 6!
Great coaster, for a fair. Jenn sat this one out.

Hmm...there's the...

RAINBOW (3 Rides)
Wait Time: Walk-On

Ooh, I didn't plan on riding this...and ya know, it's not good to stray from
the plan... For the love of God, don't make me do it! Hey, that was awesome!
Got some nice airtime at the top, and kept my arms up the entire time (an
accomplishment for me!)

Where to next? Oh, look, there's the <gulp>..

ZIPPER (0 Rides...For Now)
Wait Time: 1 Minute

Yeah, I'll just wait down here....on the ground....where I'm safe....

Geez, that scared the ***outta me...and I was only a spectator! Let's go over
to the...

Wait Time: 2 Minutes

Yeah, I *think* I can handle this.. I rode the Tilt A Whirl once at
Hersheypark, I can handle this! I enjoyed that ride!

K, let's go take a ride on the...

SKYRIDE (2 One-Way Rides)
Wait Time: 1 Minute

Ooh, this is looking kinda intense...I *think* I can handle this too.. Well,
after a lot of persuading, I finally got on.

No, I'm just kidding. I mean, yeah, I'm a chicken, but not to that extent! Had
a nice, relaxing ride on the Skyride. Then, we headed to...

Wait Time: 1 Minute

Okay, I'm working my way up the the larger, faster rides. I should be able to
handle this.. And I did! I loved it!

Next, we went over to...

PIRATE (1 Ride)
Wait Time: 2 Minutes

Okay, this I know I can handle! I've ridden this numerous times in Hersheypark.
Sat on the end, and got a bit of airtime. Hands up the entire ride!

Oh, look. There's a...

Wait Time: 1 Minute

Um...hey, I survived the Himalaya, but the super? Isn't that pushing it a bit?
Well, I got on, and enjoyed it immensely! I sat on the outside, and my leg has
a couple bruises from that damn bar...

Look, there's a...

LOG FLUME (2 Rides)
Wait Time: 30 Seconds

It's hot enough to get wet, so why not? The ride consisted of a lift, small
drop, larger lift, and large drop!

Ooh, look! A swing type ride..

Wait Time: 1 Minute

The ride was pretty enjoyable. It sat four in one um....swing. There were about
5 or 6 swings on the um.... big swing.

Each um...swing had a wheel in the middle which you can turn to spin your
um.....swing. We got it going pretty well, then it got kinda hard and we all
said, "Screw It."

I think Lauren summed it up well when she said: "It's not a ride when you hafta
work for it." Hey, my thought exactly! Then again, I enjoy Tilt A Whirl's...and
you do some work on those.***it, my brain hurts from thinking. Speaking

Wait Time: 1 Minute

Wow...Hershey's Tilt A Whirl was so much better than this one... Only got one
good spin. Damn..

At this point, my friend's had asked me to ride an upside down flat ride many,
many times, and my answer had been either "No way," "Nah, I'll spectate," or "I
don't think so...." But, at this moment, I had a huge adrenaline rush, and I
said, "I want to ride Kamikaze." They looked at me and said, "Let's go before
he changes his mind." So, we ran (well, they ran. I walked slowly...very, very
slowly) over to...

Wait Time: 2 Long, Long, Long Minutes)

As I pulled the restraints down, I said the "Hail Mary" twice while continually
blessing myself. I don't know what I was worried about, getting sick, maybe?
Whatever it was, it was fairly easy for me to overcome. That was a great ride!
Loved the feeling ya get when falling stomach down.

My friends saw the Top Spin next:

"C'mon Bri, let's go ride that!"
"I don't know...."

So, they proceeded to walk to...

TOP SPIN (1 Ride)
Wait Time: 1 Minute I trailed behind. They ran up the stairs and into their seats. I just
stood there for a moment. Then, saying nothing, I walked up and sat down (ala
Noah on Road Rules as he rode Boomerang Coaster To Coaster at Great Escape).

This ride looks AWESOME from the ground! I've seen Dorney's on tv too, and it
was looking great! I was anxious to ride, and really didn't have too much fear
in my system. My first observation...the restraints are T-I-G-H-T. But hey,
would I rather fall out? I don't think so....

We slowly were raised on our backs, then let go, flipped 3 times, and lowered.
 We then were raised back up, brought slowly down stomachs below, then were
raised, let go, and flipped again (At least, that's how I remember it.) An op
riding with us shouted to the op running the ride "RE-RIDE! I yelled,
"YESSSSSS!" but we never got it.. damn.

Man, I loved Top Spin! It has now become my favorite flat ride, replacing..
well, I don't know. Swings, maybe? I wonder if they were running a weak
program. Any comments?

My friends spotted the.... OH LOOK, A TENT! On the stage was a man eating fire,
another who hit an ice pick into his head, and a guy with a snake around his
neck whose mother was a telephone pole long. After this short show, we were
invited in the tent for a one time payment of $2.00. Yeah, I'd rather burn my
money... (Hey, that'd be pretty cool...)

We then proceeded to...

Wait Time: 1 Minute

It took some persuasion to get me on here, but I am so glad I rode because I
loved it! I thought you went upside down, you don't, but you come close. I was
a bit dizzy after that, but I really, really liked it! Next, I did something I
never thought I'd do. I told my friends I would NOT ride the Zipper. That was
my response the entire night. Even after I rode Kamikaze and Top Spin, I had no
intentions whatsoever of riding it, but I was on a roll. So, my only words
were, "Let's ride the Zipper."

ZIPPER (1 Ride)
Wait Time: 1 Minute

My gosh, this thing looks horrible from the ground. At the beginning of the
night, I never thought I'd sit my ass in that thing. But, I felt I had to in a
way, to prove something to myself. AND I AM SO GLAD I DID!

I rode in a car with Kristen. I was pretty calm when they were loading other
cars, and then it started. It was great! Then she told me that at her school's
carnival, she got her Zipper car to flip 5 times in a row. My response,

No more than 10 seconds later, our car flipped... 5 times in a row. AWESOME!

By the end of the ride, my arms were killing me from holding on so hard! I
loved that ride!

Okay, I'm getting tired. We took it easy for a bit and re-rode Rainbow. Then,
we headed over to a food stand and got some food. I got a Coke. I announced I
was done for the night, as did Kristen.

Jenn and Lauren weren't...

They headed over to Top Spin for another ride. I spectated, with Kristen. I
would've loved to ride again, but I was really tired. (I know most of you are
saying, "Yeah, whatever, you were scared sh*tless of riding again." I really

As I watched the ride in motion, I was amazed that I had the courage to ride
something like that. At the beginning of the night, I would've never thought
I'd ride the Himalaya, nevermind Top Spin!

Jenn and Lauren were still full of energy, so they headed over to Ring Of Fire.
I said to myself I would have rode it too, had I not been tired. It didn't look
too bad, but you looped quite a few times!

As they exited the ride, only Jenn had a smile on her face.

Me: "How was it?"
Jenn: "GREAT!"
Lauren: "That sucked."

Apparently, Lauren didn't enjoy the Ring Of Fire. The two energy queens told us
spectators they were done with the major rides, so we walked a bit. Another
ride on the Skyride, and we came to the...

Wait Time: 1 Minute

This was to be my first ferris wheel. And I don't know why, either! I wasn't
afraid of heights, but I just never rode one. I had the chance a few times, but
I never rode..

Oh yeah, Jenn was scared of heights...

We both got through it great. Lauren entertained us while riding by telling us
of a time a woman fell off a ferris wheel, and her leg detached. They put it on
ice, and reattached it. Nothing like some quality storytelling...

It was 11:00, and we were to meet up without ride home at 11. After Lauren and
Jenn bought some food, we left the fair at 11:15 PM.

This was one of the best times I've had at an amu***t facility, right up
there with Hersheypark, June '98, when I rode my first coaster. I conquered
something today. A fear maybe? I don't know... But one thing I do know is, I
had one hell of a time.

Thanks for reading!

- Brian
Enjoying The Coaster Season!