SFGAd LONG woodie??(was: SFGAdv rumor....bye-bye Viper???)

SFGAd LONG woodie??(was: SFGAdv rumor....bye-bye Viper???)

Post by Christopher Fra » Fri, 25 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Pretty much knowing the lay-out of the park (having worked there during
my high school years... '80-'82) would make me question a coaster that
runs along the back end of the lake.

While a woodie might not take up all too much space (especially a LONG
out and back), they would have to reroute and move much of the Safari.
The entire backside of the lake is the home to the Safari Park (this is
clearly visible from Parachute ride).

My guess for theme park expansion would be for them to purchase the land
behind Roaring Rapids. There is a small county owned park there along Rt
537. All other land owned by SF is through entrance roadways and behind
Safari Park. This area is better primed for waterpark or Hotel/ Resort
development. Two ideas rumored way back when I used to work there.

Again, these are just my opinions... which you will soon find I have
many of.