PKI predictions

PKI predictions

Post by john cline i » Thu, 23 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Short explanation appears before questions!

Dave Althoff, Jr.  has gone out boldly where few have correctly gone before and
predicted the next coaster for Cedar Point, with particularity and hopefully
with accuracy.

Then I foolishly changed topic at the end of a very long thread, asking him to
speculate about PKI when the header clearly showed it was CP predictions in the
thread!  DOH!

So now I have decided to put this where it belongs, as a new one, open to all,
but particularly to Dave:

Ok, Dave, let's do a ***e, even for you!

Subject: PKI

A.  Next coaster, steel or wood?
B.  when?
C.  Park remains under same ownership as the other four Paramount Parks or is
D.  Paramount invests substantial money in the park when?
and finally,
E.  The PKI affection for brakes is abandoned in what year?

john cline ii who used to love PKI and would really like to again!