Update on the TX Giant rework!!

Update on the TX Giant rework!!

Post by COASTRBE » Mon, 29 Jan 1996 04:00:00

First of all the changing of the TX Giant is NOT as bad as I thought it
would be.  I was at the TX Winterfest that Robert Reagan

close as I could to the old Double-up which I was about 50 feet from the
structure.  Well, I can't really say that it is a true "fan turn" as we
all know them to look like.  The new track and addition to the existing
bents begin at the bottom of the 3rd drop and end at the apex (top) of
where the 4th drop begins.  (The top of the 4th drop was NOT CHANGED.)
They just added extensions to the bents and it looks as if the tallest
extension is about 12-15'.  The turn is very simular to the one that
follows the fourth drop just before the midcourse brake.  They have
already started tracking the section and it seems as if the bottom two
layers are already in place.  The banking of this new section starts at
the bottom of the 3rd drop and to be honest with you it isn't all that
heavy.  Towards the top of the new track there is maybe about a 30 degree
banking.  So I FEEL that there WILL BE some good laterals at this point
since the "old" Giant did not go slow here.   As for the 4th drop, it
probably will be more intense and faster, but of course with the midcourse
brake soon after that, that speed will be lost.  (Oh, by the way, you can
still see the old track ledgers of where the track use to be when it was
the double-up.)

But with this change, who knows, that brake on the first drop might be
taken off---let us really cross our fingers on that idea.........

So all in all I really feel that we just need to ride the thing before we
pass judgement on the changes.  I still am sorry that the double-up is
gone but the new track doesn't look all that bad...  

Looking forward to riding it....

Michael Bent