TR: ACE Summer Con Part 2(AKA-8 parks in 2 days)

TR: ACE Summer Con Part 2(AKA-8 parks in 2 days)

Post by ROLLER » Tue, 28 Jul 1998 04:00:00

After much needed sleep, we headed out to Quassy. Luckily
the ERT was set for 11, so our late prior night was not a

Mad Mouse
Steel wild mouse
The negative is that there must be 2 per seat, and the seat
belts are a bit snug. The positive is that these rides are pure
FUN. This is a good ride, but when 150 people are in line,
squeezing 2 per car (sometimes unsuccesfully) makes for
quite a lineup. Luckily, we were near the front, and we got
on and off. We then went over to the Little Dipper.

Little Dipper
Steel Kiddie
These rides are so fun. They also have some excellent air
time. We had to wait a few minutes till the guy got there to
run it. I bet he was shocked to see all these "big kids" in

A picnic of Hot Dogs and Hamburgers followed, and then we

From Connecticut to Mass we went. Next stop was Whalom,
for a Whale of a time. If you buy a general admission ticket,
you get 2 rides of your choice. Our choice was the Flyer Comet.

Flyer Comet
Wood Twister
This ride is another good classic. It has some good ground
level drops, but minimal air. We liked it, but we had 2 more
states on the agenda.

From Mass to New Hampshire we went. The next stop was
Canobie Lake, where we ran into a few more ACErs, including
Ted, Debi, and Katie Ansley.

Canobie Corkscrew
Arrow production model Corkscrew
We arrived at the entrance just behind Ted and Debi, and had
a few minutes to chat. The line moved really well. The ride is

Steel compact Galaxie
We saw what appeared to be a horrendous line, but they were
running 6 cars, so we entered at the far end from the loading
station. We started noticing that they were using the minumum
dispatch time, sending a car out as soon as the previous one
had cleared the chain. Consequently, we were moving through
the line at a good pace. I was impressed. The ride is very
smooth for a portable. One neat feature, is that no one closes
the lap bars. There is a bar on the right of the loading track
that keeps the lap bars open until the cars are dispatched.
When the cars leave, the bar ends, and the lap bars close.

Yankee Cannonball
Wood L-Shaped out and back
What a wonderful ride. What a shame that only one train was
running, until we were 3 trains from the station. Once again
we were amazed at the efficiency of the crew. Not only did
they move quickly, but they instructed riders that no doddling
was allowed. We almost had to run to our seats! Our group was
good. We beat the dispatch point by 5-10 seconds. 8-)

We would have gotten multiple rides in, but we had a fourth
state to visit. From New Hampshire, it was on to Maine, and
York's Wild Kingdom.

Steel Schwarzkopf twister, one model above the Wildcat
The first thing I noticed was that the cars attached to the
chain by way of a gripper. Each chain link has a raised plate
sticking up from it. The cars have a clamp to grab the chain.
There is a tripper just to the left of the chain, at the top and
bottom, to spread the gripper. As the cars pass over the
tripper bar, the gripper clamp opens, and the chain plates
slide into the opening. The tripper bar is just a foot or so
long. At the end of the tripper bar, the gripper clamp closes
squeezing the chain plate. At the top, a second tripper bar
opens the gripper clamp, allowing the chain to be released
and spin around the idler wheel. This is an early version of
a similar system used on Anton's Looping Racers.

The ride was fun, with good curves, and a wonderful ground
level figure 8 finish.

We would have loved to stay for a while, and check out the
animals, but we weren't done for the day. Our next stop
was Funtown, where we got our wrist bands, and returned
to the car. We grabbed a bite to eat, and drove a short hop
to the ocean. Here we parked for 15 minutes in front of
Palace Playland. We got tickets for the 3 of us to ride the
Galaxie, once.

Steel compact Galaxie
This one uses 2 car trains, and has manual lap bars. It is
a little rugged. On-board pictures are taken.

Back to the car, and back to Funtown we go, arriving 45
minutes before closing.

Steel compact Galaxie (does anyone use a different name
for these?)
This one uses single cars, but has seat belts instead of
lap bars. Tick number 3 for the day.

CCI wood twister
This has shades of Raven all over it. The first drop, at night,
is only visible for about 2/3rds of the way down. Where is
the bottom? The ERT consisted of double rides, and the
crew took a little while to warm up to us. In the end, we
were all happy. I am so happy that I did not study this ride
in advance. It took me several rounds to learn the layout.
It is an excellent ride, with surprising moves.

We returned to our hotel about 1:30 that morning, but had
to head back to Boston too early for Sunday's ERT. Thanks
to Bill Buckley for organizing things. Thanks to the parks
for providing us the opportunity to make this wild 2 days.

There you have it.
2 parks in 2 states on a Friday.
6 parks in 4 states on a Saturday.
Try that with Cedar Point or other Theme Parks included.

Robert Reagan
WildWest Coaster Club & ACE Member


TR: ACE Summer Con Part 2(AKA-8 parks in 2 days)

Post by NOSPAMMER » Fri, 31 Jul 1998 04:00:00

>There you have it.
>2 parks in 2 states on a Friday.
>6 parks in 4 states on a Saturday.
>Try that with Cedar Point or other Theme Parks included.

How about 4 parks in three states on a Friday, with one being a
Paramount park, another being a Premier (now Six Flags) park.
Admittedly, this is cheating, since I'd ridden all of the operating
coasters at KK and three of the coasters at PKI the day before.

But I managed to hit PKI, Americana, KK and Holiday World in one day.
That was a respectable 11 coasters in three states in one day.  And the
only non-kiddie coaster I missed that day at PKI was the Beast (I'd
gotten my desired night ride, as well as both kiddie coasters in at the
last minute the night before.  The people at the gate were surprised
when I wanted to buy a ticket 45 minutes before the park closed!)