LAST CHANCE BALLOT: 1999 Mid-Season Wooden Roller Coaster Poll

LAST CHANCE BALLOT: 1999 Mid-Season Wooden Roller Coaster Poll

Post by Mitch Hawke » Sat, 28 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Ballot: Mid-Season (1999's v. 1998 top 30) Wooden Roller Coaster Poll

   With the relatively large number of new wooden coasters introduced
this year, this mid-season poll may help some to decide which of the new
rides to get to in the waning months of this coaster season.  I have
included only the top 30 pre-1999 rides (based on the 1998 poll) for
comparison so that the ballot is easier to complete.  

   I do realize that limiting to the top 30 leaves out a lot of great
coasters, but the object here is just to get a preliminary feel for this
year's new woodies.  

   I also realize that Elitch's original Twister is no longer extant
but I included it just to see how Knoebel's version compares.

   I will run the complete 1999 poll in November as usual.

   The following ballot contains wooden tracked rollercoasters
that operated worldwide in 1999.  I have also included a few
coasters that are 'Standing But Not Operating' or in storage in the
hopes that the poll may help some of these great SBNO coasters
become better known and possibly help them find a new home.

    The coasters are listed alphabetically
by state, with non-U.S. coasters listed at the end.


Step 1: Put your email address on line 1 of the ballot

Step 2: Mark The Coasters That You Have Ridden

   Please change the first 'n' at the end of a line to a 'y' for each
of the coasters you have ridden.  Change the second 'n' to a 'y' for
each coaster you rode in 1999.  It is important that you mark ALL
coasters you have ridden.

  Please delete all lines from the ballot except those that contain
coasters you have ridden (don't delete the last line of ---'s).
(My tabulation program uses the ---'s as a delimiter between ballots,
t*** the ballots will save me time in downloading the ballots and
running the tabulation program).

   Please try to keep each line 'as is' except for the aforementioned
changes.  You may change the order of the lines.  A ">" in column 1
as often happens in a reply is OK.

Step 3: Rank The Coasters You Have Ridden Using Method A or B.

   Treat the line  "My Favorite Steel   Anypark Anywhere     ** n n 0"
as if it were your favorite steel coaster and rank it accordingly.  
DO NOT change the line except for the n's and the 0.  DO NOT,
Repeat: DO NOT change it to the real name of the steel coaster.  
If you can't place your favorite steel coaster in relation to
wooden coasters, don't sweat it and just delete that line.  
I am just trying to see where the average poll respondent would
rank their favorite steel coaster in relation to the woodies.

Method A: Individual Ranking
  Replace the '0' in the last column with a numeral representing its'
 rank, '1'=best through '99'(or however many you have ridden)=worst
Cannonball          Waterville USA       AL y y 1
Arkansas Twister    Magic Springs        AR y n 4  
Giant Dipper        Belmont Park         CA y n 3
The Grizzly         Great America        CA y y 2      
Giant Dipper        Santa Cruz Bch Bdwk  CA y n 5

Method B: Group Ranking
  If you cannot decide between two coasters or a group of coasters,
give them the same rank.  You may choose to group as many or as few
as you want.
Cannonball          Waterville USA       AL y y 1
Arkansas Twister    Magic Springs        AR y n 1  
Giant Dipper        Belmont Park         CA y n 2
The Grizzly         Great America        CA y y 1      
Giant Dipper        Santa Cruz Bch Bdwk  CA y n 2

You may combine the two methods.
Cannonball          Waterville USA       AL y y 1
Arkansas Twister    Magic Springs        AR y n 2  
Giant Dipper        Belmont Park         CA y n 3
The Grizzly         Great America        CA y y 4      
Giant Dipper        Santa Cruz Bch Bdwk  CA y n 4

Method A is preferable if you can do it, as more of your individual
coaster vs. coaster preferences can be gleaned from it.


Step 4: E-Mail Your Ballot To Me

NOTE: when using reply you must remove "no_spam." from my address.


   Coasters will be ranked by best head to head record against all
others. Ties will be broken by head to head preference between those
   This method avoids the arbitrary point assignments AND the bias
more ridden coasters that is inherent in total point ranking schemes and
to a lesser extent, in average point ranking schemes.


I will accept ballots until the end of August,...results will be posted
very soon thereafter.  I will do my best to put interim results up on my
website every couple of days.

   I look forward to receiving your ballot.

   Results from previous years and much more about this annual
poll can be viewed at

                 Thanks....Mitch Hawker

NOTE: (S) or (SBNO) indicates coasters that did not operate in 1999.

--please replace this text with your email address------
COASTER NAME        PARK                LOC
My Favorite Steel   Anypark Anywhere     ** n n 0
Rampage             Visionland           AL n n 0
Roar                Marine World         CA n n 0
Giant Dipper        Santa Cruz Bch Bdwk  CA n n 0
GhostRider          Knott's Berry Farm   CA n n 0
Twister(SBNO)       Elitch Gardens       CO n n 0
Cyclone             Lakeside             CO n n 0
Gwazi-Tiger         Busch Gardens-Tampa  FL n n 0
Gwazi-Lion          Busch Gardens-Tampa  FL n n 0
Georgia Cyclone     SFoG                 GA n n 0
Timber Terror       Silverwood           ID n n 0
Tremors             Silverwood           ID n n 0
Raven               Holiday World        IN n n 0
Comet (SBNO)        Lincoln Park         MA n n 0
Riverside Cyclone   Riverside            MA n n 0
Roar                Adventure World      MD n n 0
Wild One            Adventure World      MD n n 0
Excalibur           Funtown USA          ME n n 0
Shivering Timbers   Michigan's Adventure MI n n 0
Timberwolf          Worlds of Fun        MO n n 0
Cyclone             Astroland            NY n n 0
Comet               Great Escape         NY n n 0
Silver Comet        Martin's Fantasy Is. NY n n 0
Wildcat (SBNO)      Idora Park           OH n n 0
Leap the Dips       Lakemont             PA n n 0
Phoenix             Knoebel's            PA n n 0
Twister             Knoebel's            PA n n 0
Wildcat             Hersheypark          PA n n 0
Thunderbolt         Kennywood            PA n n 0
Texas Giant         SFoT                 TX n n 0
Cyclops             Big Chief            WI n n 0
Roller Coaster      Playland             BC n n 0
Screechin' Eagle    Americana            OH n n 0
Serpiente de Fuego  La Feria             MX n n 0
King Kobra          Great Adventure      BR n n 0
Tonnerre de Zeus    Parc Asterix         FR n n 0
Wild Wild West      Warner Bros. Movie W GY n n 0
Aska                Nara Dreamland       JA n n 0
Stampida            Port Aventura        SP n n 0
Grand National      Blackpool            UK n n 0
Megafobia           Oakwood              UK n n 0

When replying, please remove "no_spam." from my address.