Old Coasters-Puritas Springs CYCLONE

Old Coasters-Puritas Springs CYCLONE

Post by w.. » Fri, 09 Aug 1991 02:05:51


    Once upon a time, there was an old amu***t park on the west
side of Cleveland called Puritas Springs Park, which among their
other average rides, they had a roller coaster called the Cyclone
which was a notoriously dangerous ride. So dangerous in fact that
reportedly 5 people were killed on it at different times. I believe
this coaster used part of the hilly terrain around it for it's hills
and was parcially in the woods.

    Puritas Springs Park was shut down in 1958 and the Cyclone scrapped
but I understand that part of the track and a few of the cars still
exist in the wooded areas.

    I am too young to remember going to this park and all of what I
know about it is short stories. I'd like to know more about the Cyclone
and what it was that made it so dangerous to ride. Did any of you
older coaster riders ever ride the Cyclone? If so, can you give any
details as to it's construction and the ride on it? Thanks.