News: Various news stories concerning theme parks

News: Various news stories concerning theme parks

Post by Dave Sandbor » Fri, 28 Jun 2002 09:13:33


> Great America had staying power over Old Chicago  Marriott theme park
> changed course of then-tiny Gurnee  Who remembers Old Chicago? Those born
> during or after the Reagan years have no memory of Bolingbrook's indoor
> amu***t park/retail mall, but it opened a good year before what was then
> Marriott's Great America and was the buzz of the metro area.    At 490,000
> square feet and with two steel roller coasters among its 31 rides, this
> 365-day-a-year complex debuted in June 1975 as "the world's first completely
> enclosed amu***t park and shopping center," and the first Chicagoland
> amu***t park since the closing of Riverview in 1967.

I remember Old Chicago!  It was a big thing when it opened, but never
as big as Great America was.  It was in some ways the predecessor to
Mall of America.  I could never quite figure out why they didn't make

Dave Sandborg
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