B&R: The Chiller...

B&R: The Chiller...

Post by Matthew C. Thomps » Sat, 07 Jun 1997 04:00:00

It will open on Saturday.  Today (thursday) there were HUNDREDS of
test... from 10:45- 1:00  they were only testing the Robin (red) side.
Then they alternated for the rest of the day... both look like
excellent rides... the unofficial Six Flags Great Adventure Pages will
be updated when i get the digital film developed.  I have a few great
shots of the ride, etc.   The pples standing outside the ride said it
will be open Saturday.  (i don't know how reliable they are.. but they
were SF employees, and were stationed there all day)  By the looks of
things, it'll prolly be open.  I guess they want one more day of
testing b4 millions of screaming ***agers climb-aboard. :P

The Trip Reports and Submissions page will also be updated with my TR
for 6-5-97.

Oh, and btw- between the ROOOOAR of the B&M Batman... and the
ZOOMSHHHHH!!!!!!! of the lim's/chiller trains...  MovieTown is one
LOUD area...  (standing in front of the stunt show, with Batman,
Chiller, AND freefall, it's hard to hear yourself think! ;P )

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