CP MF construction pics on NEW Guide to The Point

CP MF construction pics on NEW Guide to The Point

Post by Jeff 'Jones' Put » Fri, 26 Nov 1999 04:00:00

My annotated version of my trip to the Millennium Force construction
site with Dan Haverlock is now available on the NEW Guide to The Point.
The photos take you in sequence from the unload station, around the
turns, over the lagoon and on to the island. There are around 40 pics,
in addition to those from earlier this year. As always, the photos are
high resolution, scanned from the negatives, and therefore quite large.
Check it out directly here:


The site as a whole has been revised, including new forums, searchable
news and more than 200 photos of the park with more to come. The part
I'm really jazzed about is the "My Guide" feature, which is similar to
the customization features you find on various portal sites. With this
new feature, you can add links from the link section, individual pages
on the site, or news stories to a list of favorites right on the home

Special thanks to all of the rabid Cedar Point fans who continue to
support the site!


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