Something EXTREMELY disturbing I observed at AK 5-20

Something EXTREMELY disturbing I observed at AK 5-20

Post by Bryant McVe » Fri, 26 May 2000 04:00:00

I think it fits the mood of that area of the park...lighten up!!!!

> I don't know if this has been reported on these newsgroups yet but I
> observed something EXTREMELY disturbing May 20th at AK.  In Dino-land over
> near Chester and Hesters I was expecting to find the entrance to the
> Dino-Jamboree (which they're now calling the "Time Tunnel"--how creative)
> and I happened upon a cleared area which formerly was trees and other
> foliage.  Now it is inhabited by several trailers upon which are installed
> carnival games.  That's right.  Carnival Games!  Portable Carnival Games!
> They had a guess your weight game, a racing game (with little stuffed
> instead of horses) and some kind of water gun game.  The signs said $2 per
> play and the kiddies were eagerly being cheated out of their spending
> I realize that Chester and Hesters is supposed to LOOK tacky but this WAS
> tacky.  Then, they had a girl in tight spandex singing Madonna songs
> too I might add) next to Chester and Hesters.  I immediately went into a
> tirade while my wife stood their looking at the cheap, money-grubbing
> company installation of Portable Carnival Games that had soiled what was
> (until today) her favorite Disney park.  As I was leaving the park I
> at Guest Services (which I've never done before) and wrote out a complaint
> (which I've never done at ANY park, even non-Disney ones).  I explained
> I did not appreciate the Carnival Games and that Walt Disney had refused
> put them into Disneyland because they cheapened the whole park experience.
> I also explained that I realize that they ran a business but that the
> park experience had just been cheapened.  I wouldn't have liked it if they
> had permanently installed the games(as they're doing at DCA), but I could
> have understood and probably wouldn't have written a complaint at Guest
> Services.  This after spending the night in a $200 hotel room (celebrating
> my wedding anniversary).  If this is the new "land" Eisner is putting into
> AK they should just take the word Disney off of the sign. This isn't
> McDonald's fries.  This isn't a "we don't really know what Walt would do"
> thing.  This is something Walt clearly stated he didn't want in his parks.
> I encourage everyone who cares about this to write and call Disney and if
> you're at the AK and you see this invasion please let Guest Services know.
> They may not do anything about it but you never know.  The cast member at
> told me they were doing surveys about the additions so it might do some
> if enough people complained.  Thanks for you time.
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