I'm thinking of going to FRONTIER CITY around August 21

I'm thinking of going to FRONTIER CITY around August 21

Post by THEMAZEM » Tue, 08 Aug 1995 04:00:00

For this reason, and because I've never been there, I'd sure like some
advice. What is it like? What will I find there? What order should I ride
the rides (at the beginning of the day, I mean)? What time should I
arrive? What are the hours during the week?

I tentatively plan to visit Oaklake Trails Naturist Park west of Tulsa
(Depew) that weekend, then go to Frontier City the following Monday (or
stay at OLT an extra day and go FC Tuesday if enough people say the lines
would be significantly shorter there on Tuesday)

So far, I'll be going alone, so if anyone wants to join me for either or
both of these activities, let me know. (fine print about OLT -- because
I'm a single male member, I can bring in one female guest and/or kids at
no charge -- male guests have to pay the normal guest rate or be a member)

Also, tentatively, I plan to visit Forty Acres Naturist (Nudist) Park one
week later, with Six Flags either before or after that weekend, so someone
interested in joining me for both weekends is welcome to call me. (but I
will be doing a few days work inbetween)

John Knoderer

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