TR: Cedar Point (May 7, 2000) Stark Raven Max Part 4

TR: Cedar Point (May 7, 2000) Stark Raven Max Part 4

Post by Max Canno » Fri, 12 May 2000 04:00:00

Stark Raven Max
Part 4:  The End of the Trilogy

Cedar Point
May 7, 2000

"Don't like the Force but the Force likes me..."

We arrived in Sandusky after midnight.  Pulled into the second Days
Inn that we came across.  Turns out most of the high schoolers in the
area had left the prom and headed to the motel for some late night
revelry.  Kids outside drinking beer.  Cooler passing through room
windows.  Doors slamming.  Even worse, the room we got was right
across from the ice machine.  Being that we were so tired, none of the
above fazed us one bit as we were asleep in no time.

Morning came fairly quickly.  Most of the revelers were probably
passed out or had already left.  It was time to leave for the park.
One of the maids asked us if we were going to CP to ride "that"
coaster.  "You'd better believe it."

It seemed to take no time getting out there.  MF loomed large on the
horizon.  As we got closer, I started picking out the other coasters.
"There's Raptor!  There's Magnum!  Blue Streak!"  I felt like a kid
again.  It made me think of when I was wayyyyyyyyy younger on those
once a summer trips to Carowinds.  I'd get all e***d as soon as I'd
see the Skytower, Thunder Road, and the far end of White Lightnin'
sticking up.  That's how I felt looking at Cedar Point.

The parking attendents directed us to a spot.  Quickly, I grabbed my
camcorder and snapped my ***pack around my waist.  I told Cris we
needed to go to the Marina gate to beat the steadily growing crowd at
the front gate.  I remember Julie Stone telling me it was near the
Blue Streak, which wasn't easy to miss.  We just walked down the road
until we found it.  There weren't many people there at all.  So far,
so good.

10am came and they started letting people into the park.  You could
see the mass heading towards that dark blue creature known as MF.
That was our first stop.  The line formed outside the gates and there
we ran into Todd Long, Dave and Tim, and Sean Flaharty(?).  The rest
of the group showed up not long after that.  I think I remember seeing
one train cycle through before getting into line.  When one took off
up the hill, the crowd cheered wildly.  There was e***ment in the

We started going through the queue towards the station house.  By this
time people were riding it.  The riders would come back in cheering
wildly and clapping.  Almost reminded me of SRM.  I really wanted to
ride the front seat.  But, it was the back seat for our first and only

Note and comments on the MF'er:

I was really impressed by the trains.  I liked the open feel about
them.  The "Intamin Giga Coaster" plaque was a nice touch on the last

The trip up the lift hill was very quick.  To me, it took away from
the ride.  Sure, its 310 ft tall.  The swift rise up the lift hill
didn't give me enough time to appreciate the tallness of it.  Up and
over.  That was it.  That's why I like about the traditional lift
hills.  It helps build up the suspense of the ride.  To me, this lift
hill killed it

The drop was great.  Best part of the whole ride.  As for the rest of
the ride, outside of the first turnaround with that insane banking, it
wasn't nothing special.  It didn't seem to go 90mph-ish.  The openness
of the trains helped to add to the experience of the ride.

 I would have liked to have gotten some more rides in.  But, there was
no way that I (and I know Cris wouldn't have) was going to wait up to
3 hours for another ride.  Maybe with a couple more rides on it, I can
judge it better.  It was fun.  It just didn't blow me away.  I'm
willing to give it a second chance.

Oh yeah, I've read a few comments about the MF crew.  The guy on my
side didn't exactly slam the lapbar down on me but it wasn't
comfortable either.  Cris got slammed and guy actually apologized
before doing it.  Reminded me of that Gwazi op who pulled the seatbelt
by the tailend and jerked it until I thought my circulation was going
to be cut off.  Totally unnecessary (Gwazi and MF both.)

The rest of the day, we covered all the coasters...

Iron Dragon---There was something about this ride that I really liked.
Maybe its just because I like the old suspended coasters.  Great
finish with the twists and turns.

Wildcat---This one made me miss all the Galaxi style coasters at
Myrtle Beach.  Very fun.

Raptor---This might be my favourite coaster at the park.

Blue Streak---Reminded me of a smaller version of Thunder Road.  Nice
patchs of air.

DT---Got in line.  We never even got inside the building.  So, we got
out of line and went on.  I've been told that we didn't miss much.


Magnun XL-200---Sure, it was rough.  But, I really enjoyed it.  It was
nice to finally get to ride this classic.

Gemini---This coaster surprised me.  It didn't look like there would
be anything to it.  Nice air.  Some very good drops.  That second
handchopper startled me.

Mean Streak---The coaster that seems like it would never end.  We rode
like Todd Long suggested, lean forward.  It wasn't a bad ride.  There
was no e***ment there!  I don't want to say it was a waste of time.

Mantis---Its fighting the Georgia Scorcher for favourite stand-up if
that tells you anything.  Chang who?

By the end of the day, it seemed that the whole weekend was catching
up with us.  We still had the drive home the next day.  So, I did some
filming with my camcorder, bought plenty of t-shirts, and left.  One
funny thing:  went up in the skytower to take some pictures.  Got up
to the top, got one of MF, and the camera stopped working.  Shades of
PKI.  When we got down to the bottom, it started working again.  Guess
its afraid of heights.

Overall, CP is a really nice park.  Some really nice employees were
there.  We did come across one bad apple at one food stand.  As I told
Sean, Ohio has some really nice parks.  We're going to have to get
back there again real soon.

Two "thank you"s for this day at CP:  Julie Stone for the tickets and
Cindy Stout for the inspiration.

Hope these trip reports weren't too long winded.  It was a long, fun,
tiring, exhausting five days.  I wouldn't trade it for anything else
in the world.


Max Cannon

Wooden:  Legend/Phoenix/Twister/Raven/Hurler
Steel:   A's Chariot/Hulk/Montu/Volcano/GAScorcher


TR: Cedar Point (May 7, 2000) Stark Raven Max Part 4

Post by K966 » Fri, 12 May 2000 04:00:00

Max, the incidents with your camera not working reminded me of when I was
riding my last ride on "Big One" at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. This was when I
was going to snap pictures of the park from the lift lift. Well, as soon as I
turned the camera on going up the lift, the battery went dead. Needless to say,
I had to buy more batteries and ride again.....