TR: Indiana Beach

TR: Indiana Beach

Post by Dave Altho » Thu, 18 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Trip Report - Indiana Beach
Monticello, Indiana - 06/13/1998

"Don't say we didn't warn you!"

When I heard about all the troubles at Kentucky Kingdom, I figured
I'd save that park for later in the season, and went to Indiana
Beach.  I got a late start, so I didn't get there until about 3:30
local time.

Indiana Beach is a strange place.  It's built on a peninsula
extending into Lake Shafer, and on a small island not far from the
tip of the peninsula.  These days, though, the whole issue of islands
and peninsulas is a kind of a moot point, as neither provides nearly
enough land to build a park on.  Indiana Beach solves this problem
with an elaborate series of bridges and piers, then augments that
arrangement further by stacking rides and attractions literally on
top of each other.  For example, I entered the park via a suspension
bridge which connects the island to the parking lot.  This bridge
goes over, then under, the Hoosier Hurricane, which is mostly built
over water.  At the end of the bridge is a sky-ride station (TCS:  
It's a small fixed-grip...essentially a double, but three kids will
fit; no, I don't know who) built over a Mack Himalaya.  Up and to the
right is a Chance Giant Wheel; down and to the right is a miniature
golf course, and down and to the left is the rest of the park.  The
Yo-Yo, Chaos, Galaxi, and Tilt-A-Whirl are all built on piers out in
the lake.  The whole park is like that...Hoosier Hurricane's station
is built over a parking lot, and shares a stairway with the log
flume.  Anyone who thinks Cedar Point is running out of room should
take a look at Indiana Beach!  This place is just packed with a
collection of rides, many of which are unusual or unique.

One other little thing.  A couple of weeks ago someone was asking
about theme songs for amu***t parks.  Well, I suggest "Signs" (I
know the version by the Five Man Electrical Band) might be
appropriate.  There are more little signs at Indiana Beach than there
are trash cans at Cedar Point!

I didn't stay long in the park, but I did ride all the coasters...

Hoosier Hurricane:
At Holiday World, it was reported that the Hooisier Hurricane seemed
"slow".  I did not find this to be the case.  I suspect that the
people I talked to were spoiled by rides on Raven and Shivering
Timbers.  Hoosier Hurricane is not as good as those two rides.  But
that by no means indicates that the Hurricane isn't a good
ride...quite the contrary, in fact, as it is indeed worthy of
comparison with those other two rides.  It's been running a few
years, but Indiana Beach is taking good care of it.  Most obviously,
much of the ride has been re-capped, and apart from a 'pothole' on
the first drop, is running smooth and fast throughout.  Not much
airtime in the back, though...but then I don't remember this as a
major airtime coaster.  A ride up front also revealed a dearth of
significant airtime.  Hoosier Hurricane is a very tall ride
throughout, making it an imposing ride.  But it lacks the
gravity-defying speed of most CCI coasters.

Tig'rr Coaster:
Ahhh...What's not to like about this one?  A Schwarzkopf Jet Star
running three of its five cars, running smooth and fast with just a
hint of airtime.  Better still, this Jet Star still operates with no
active rider restraints.  Best of all, it was a very short wait!  
Although I clocked it at a mere 306 PPH, this coaster is a little
less visible from the midway than the Galaxi and the Hurricane...that
combined with the higher height requirement (54", I think) and the
reputed *** kept the line down, but steady.  Just the slightest
hint of airtime on that first drop...but sitting with your legs
straight out in front of you, the slightest hint is more than enough!

This one was actually better than I remembered.  It's an SDC Galaxi,
similar to the Serpent at Americana.  The ride uses Pinfari-style
track, and this one has both the double-pyramid sculpture over the
peak of the lift hill, and the curved "Galaxi" sign over the
entrance...both of which are missing from the Serpent.  Interesting;
the coaster sits on a pier which it shares with a half-dozen water
slides that completely surround the ride.  The practical upshot of
all this is that the aforementioned sign is barely visible over the
loading platform.  It almost looks like the ride is called "Alax"
rather than "Galaxi."  I had remembered the ride as slow, bumpy,
noisy, and quite unremarkable.  But that wasn't quite what I got.  It
was noisy, but fairly smooth, and from the front seat I actually got
a slight hint of airtime to go with the strong laterals.  It's not a
bad ride, but not worth going out of your way for.  It also suffers
from a serious capacity problem...I clocked it at 277 pph.

I also rode a couple of the flat rides, but the park was extremely
crowded thanks to a *huge* corporate picnic...and I still had a
four-hour drive home.  The bumper cars were decent with a long ride,
an island, and a one-way policy.  Unfortunately, young kids who
aren't quite bumper car experts managed to *completely* clog up a
section of the floor.  I'd never seen that happen before... 8-)  
Fortunately, the operator interrupted the ride and pushed a few cars
around to solve the problem.

I'm not sure if I got everything, but I think this is the full ride

Sky Ride (fixed grip dual)
Mountain Ride (unique coaster-like dark ride)
Antique Autos (Arrow?)
Paratrooper (Hrubetz)
Scrambler (Eli Bridge)
Chaos (Chance)
E-7 Tilt (Sellner...New!)
Bumper Boats (Foster?)
Flying Bobs (Chance)
Sea Dragon (Chance)
Den of Lost Thieves (Sally dark ride)
Tig'rr Coaster (Schwarzkopf Jet Star)
Galaxi (SDC)
Hoosier Hurricane (CCI)
Carousel (Herschell?)
Train (Herschell Iron Horse)
Bumper Cars (Barbieri/Exasco)
Flume (Hopkins?)
Himalaya (Mack)

Herschell cars
Hampton Rock/Spin/Turn
Herschell Boats
Mangels Roto-Whip
Hampton combo
Rideworks Winky the Whale
Sartori Convoy

--Dave Althoff, Jr.
(Hey!  No footnotes!)
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