Tx Giant Fest

Tx Giant Fest

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Anyone going to Giant Fest Next weekend?

Tx Giant Fest

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>Anyone going to Giant Fest Next weekend?

     I will be there with my family. (of course, I only live 20 minutes
from T.G.)  
Giant Celebration will be a blast, and the crowd will be smaller than
so, many rides are to be had. I just talked with organizer Gary Slade who
says that attendees should bring wallets and checkbooks to the picnic on
Saturday. It seems that wood coaster designer John Pierce has donated
several items from his files and closets. These will be auctioned off with
proceeds to go to the Leap the Dips foundation. John has a good heart, and
is a strong believer in preservation. I will be bringing two of four items
he donated to our local winter ACE gathering last February. The first 2
brought $105.00. He made it VERY clear to me that the money had to go
for preservation.

We must do whatever we can for Leap The Dips.

Robert Reagan
N. Texas ACE Regional Rep