TR: Indiana Beach 6/26

TR: Indiana Beach 6/26

Post by <cmg122.. » Sat, 10 Jul 2004 12:18:44

Largely due to the good reviews I've read on rrc about this park, I decided
to drop by for my first visit on my way home from CP.

I've gotta say that my very first impression as I crossed the suspension
bridge that Saturday morning was, "WOW, this is going to be a fun little
park", and it certainly is! There is a certain fairground/carnival kind of
atmosphere that envelopes you here and causes you to just have fun. There
are no record breaking rides here, no heavy theming, and nothing that will
turn you upside down. But, those things are just not necessary in order to
have fun here.

The park itself is surprisingly small, not much bigger than your average
fairground midway. But they sure did figure out how to squish in a decent
amount of fun rides. I was amazed at how the coasters were so intricately
interwoven together and with the other attractions as well.

After trading in our online tickets for a wristband, we headed straight for
LoCoSuMo as advised due to long waits. I was expecting the worst because of
the comments about how rough this ride is. However, I found it to be quite
smooth and a whole lot of fun. I only rode it twice, once forward, once
backward, and both times in the front car. I assume the back car is a little
rougher. It is astonishing that they were able to fit so much ride into such
a little building. This coaster is full of steep drops and crazy twisting
turns that a standard coaster train simply could not navigate and I was
definately appreciative of the generous padding on the seats. It is
certainly not a huge thrill coaster, but it does give a good time if
approached with a good attitude, and its uniqueness is well worth a
reasonable wait.

Next up was Cornball Express. Now, in all of the promotional materials IB
produced for this coaster, they referred to it as a "family coaster".
Hogwash! This may not be the biggest coaster in the park, but it is the most
thrilling by far! This baby sports several pops of solid airtime including
at least one hint of ejector air if you sit in the back, a couple of
headchoppers, and some good laterals in a just-the-right-sized helix. I
thoroughly enjoyed everything about this coaster including its silky
smoothness - even in back! I would say that if this were the only coaster in
the park, it would still be worth going out of your way for a visit.

Tig'rr is a neat little red Schwarzkopf coaster surrounded by the Cornball
Express. Utilizing single rocket-style cars, this compact coaster focuses
more on speed than drops. As it was being run, there was a serious capacity
problem. There were less than 20 people ahead of us and we waited over 15
minutes to get on. If you are a Schwarzkopf fan, as I am, it's worth the
wait, otherwise it's skippable if the wait is more than 30 minutes.

Hoosier Hurricane did not impress me. I suppose if you get on it with low
expectations, you might come away thinking that it was a little better than
you thought. I, for some reason, had better-than-Cornball expectations and
was let down. Well, bigger is better, right? Unfortunately not in this case.
HH is an appealing coaster to look at, but it just wasn't that fun to ride.
I wanted to like it, but I just didn't. Aside from some annoyingly rough
spots (as compared to the creamy butter of Cornball), I can't really put my
finger on why I didn't like it. It's worth a ride for the credit at least,
and watch out for the wicked lateral slam as the track abruptly veers to the
right after the turnaround. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I had
ridden it before Cornball.

I checked out Rocky's Rapids next door to HH. This is the slowest flume I've
ever ridden, but still fun for a flume.

For lunch, I had heard that there was great food to be had here, but I
didn't remember where and the Mexican place by the Falling Star smelled
pretty good. It ended up being pretty average, and the meat in the tacos and
burritos was a little weird - not spicy Mexican style, but almost more of a
German style.

After lunch we hit Den of Lost Thieves which was our longest wait of the
day, about 30 minutes. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of the new fangled
shoot-'em-up dark rides, and I just wasn't very impressed with this one.

Double Shot was cool for being as small as it was. I've ridden the standard
Space Shot and Turbo Drop towers at a variety of locations, but this was a
nice combo of the two.

Galaxy actually surprised me. I was expecting a hum-drum ride similar to the
Nightmare at Frontier City as I think it is the same model. Not so, I sat in
the back seat and was not prepared for the
holy-crap-my-pants-is-the-friggin'-seatbelt-fastened??? ejector air over the
edge of the first drop, and one or two other pops during the rest of the
ride. This one must be different from FC's because I sure don't remember
getting that on Nightmare.

Word to those who get bored easy, don't ride the Shafer Queen. Starting off
was pretty exciting because we crashed into the pier while backing out. And
the first few minutes were cool for taking pictures and such, but a half
hour trip to the dam and back was a little too much. It's good if you need
to relax for a while though.

A couple more rides on Cornball and we had to hit the road due to time

All in all this was a great experience and I look forward to visiting again
sometime. This park is well worth a visit if you're anywhere around Indiana.


TR: Indiana Beach 6/26

Post by RMcClow » Sun, 11 Jul 2004 05:26:17

>are no record breaking rides here, no heavy theming, and nothing that will
>turn you upside down. But, those things are just not necessary in order to
>have fun here.

I live in Chicago, and make it a point to visit Indiana Beach every year.  Even
before they built Cornball Express, I enjoyed the place---nice restaurant,
water park, a hotel right in the park.  And 3 wood coasters.  The addition of
Cornball makes is a "must-visit" park for all coaster enthusiasts. It's got a
lot packed into it--airtime, helix, and it doesn't beat you up.
Shaeffer Queen is definitely not a thrill ride.  It's a good way to relax, esp.
after eating dinner in the Skyroom Restaurant; great photo ops from the boat,
esp. at night.
I bet IB has more rides per sq. ft. than any other park in the country.
There's plenty to do there.  You don't see many walk-thru funhouses such as
Frankenstein's Castle.
And not too many other paratroopers, scramblers, and swing rides that are
almost totally over the lake.


TR: Indiana Beach 6/26

Post by Todd Lon » Sun, 11 Jul 2004 05:59:32


>Hoosier Hurricane did not impress me.


>. Aside from some annoyingly rough
>spots (as compared to the creamy butter of Cornball),

There has to be some kind of award for describing a coaster like that.

Thanks for a great TR!

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