Going to Silverwood 8/20 & 8/21 (fri-sat)

Going to Silverwood 8/20 & 8/21 (fri-sat)

Post by nash_m.. » Sun, 15 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I'll be going to Silverwood Friday afternoon (hopefully) 8/20 and part of
Saturday 8/21 (probably later part of day - I'm flexible)

I'm flying into Spokane Friday afternoon and don't know exactly when I'll be
at the park, but flight delays not withstanding, will try to be there around
3pm or so, and staying throughout the night for some night rides.

w/ blue Nike hat and an RRC button....

(although I don't figure there's too many RRC's out Idaho way!)

-'Nashville'  Mike
E***d to do Tremors !

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Going to Silverwood 8/20 & 8/21 (fri-sat)

Post by K966 » Mon, 16 Aug 1999 04:00:00


Hope you get in plenty of rides. I got there at 4pm last Monday (they closed at
8) and got 4 Tremors rides and 6 Timber Terror rides in. Didn't have time for
anything else. Both coasters are excellent. TT is a front seat ride (if you
like airtime) and Tremors is a back seat ride. Watch out for that second

Have Fun!!!,