Another one of those darn belated TR from CP's Closing Day (long)

Another one of those darn belated TR from CP's Closing Day (long)

Post by James Draege » Sun, 08 Nov 1998 04:00:00

CPIrvine, Jeff Tobe, and fellow members of the rrc community-

Although I am not one to write many trip reports throughout the season,
a truly special trip to Cedar Point as well as some persuasion from my
girlfriend has caused me to break down and actually write one.  I ask
that you to please bear with me on this as it is not my specialty.  You
may see similarities between this trip report others which I felt were
in good fashion and so I incorporated them into mine.  Feel free to make
comments afterwards.   And now on to the trip report.....

Date: Sunday, October 11, 1998 (Closing Day of the 1998 season)
Weather: Sunny to Partly Cloudy, around 50 degrees
Song for the Day: "The Best of What's Around"  (and very good reason for
that too)
In CP Irvine Style, Duds for the Day: A navy and khaki sweater from
Structure to complement some khaki corduroys also from Structure

I will be using the CPIrvine-coined coaster names, so for the record:

Raptor = byard
Magnum = exy


For the past 4 weeks I had been meeting up with fellow rrc'er CP Irvine
at the TGIF's located at the end of the Cedar Point causeway.  Every
week the meetings only got better and the place meant more and more to
me.  But enough about that, you guys are reading this to hear about the
coasters and the park, not my personal life :o)  So anyways, CP hopped
in my car and off to the po!nt it was....


We arrived at the park itself around 12:30 and headed to the Challenge
Park parking lot as usual.

The day started off with a ride on the exy--a tradition formed over the
past four weeks of meeting up with CP Irvine.  This was probably the
best, let alone most memorable ride I have ever had on this legendary
hypercoaster (well, for a few hours at least).  Forgetting the fact that
the lifthill of this ride is where I asked CP to be my girlfriend :o),
I'll explain the ride itself that I had.  A back seat ride with the
train running as fast as ever (well, as fast as the trims would allow it
at least) caused the ride to become a mighty cold one might fast.  The
airtime was present as always and god what a ride it ended up being.
And to top it off, on the way back into the station I was able
to....hmm.....I guess I'll phrase it as Jeff Tobe did.....I was able to
get a ride on the exclusive "13th coaster." :oP~~

Next up was the ever popular Disaster Transport (hah!).  For once though
I was actually truly looking forward to riding this coaster.  I hadn't
been on it since the beginning of the season and felt that it was time
to give it another try (there were other reasons for selecting this ride
next, but we'll leave those ones out ;o).  Unlike many people, I
actually do enjoy this ride when there is a minimal wait.  The complete
darkness throughout the ride, that seems to be growing over time, it
rather fun IMHO.  Smooth, fast, and fun is the easiest way to describe
this ride I guess.  After the ride was over and we were waiting on the
brake run I was able to get my second ride of the day on that "13th
coaster." :oD  If only I knew how many more of those rides were to

A quick check of the watch showed that 2:30 was nearing--the time CP and
I were supposed to meet up with Jeff Tobe and his friend Nate back at
the exy exit.  Along the way back there we stopped to pick up drinks,
which of course I proceeded to spill half of down my shirt (CP- did you
not say back in like April that that was going to happen to one of us?
:o)  We got to the meeting place at about 2:35, there was no sign of
Jeff, and so we sat down to wait for him.  He eventually showed up at
about 2:50 and we decided that Gemini would be a good ride to hit next.

I still say that this is one of the most fun coasters around.  Maybe not
the most thrilling, high-tech, new scream machine, but this coaster
still has a lot of fun to it and the line is always small enough to
warrant a wait for it.  We boarded near the back on separate trains (CP
and I on the blue train, Jeff and Nate on the red) and were off for a
ride full of hand slapping fun.  Besides being on of the better rides I
have had on this coaster, being able to hold CP's hand during the whole
ride only amplified the experience.

We then decided that it would be fun to check out the haunted house
located next to the Wave ***.  Along the way though we passed the
Mine Ride and decided to take a ride on it while we were there.
Although this isn't the greatest mine train around, I still feel that it
is worth the occasional visit and also serves as a great family ride.
The drop over the water is always a highlight and the "incredible
spiraling helix" at the end still has some fun to it.  BTW, does anyone
know what that really odd noise is that the train makes as it pasts
through the blocks before that last helix?

Once we had gotten that ride in it was off to the haunted house as
originally planned.  The wait wasn't too bad, maybe only fif*** or
twenty minutes.  The haunted house itself wasn't the greatest for me
just because I had CP clinging to me the whole time :o) and the monsters
and/or goons seemed to only want to chase after and scare her.  I guess
they just have good taste.  The part where the guy pops out from behind
the painted was rather amusing and had CP yelling "start hauling ***
out of here.....something is gonna happen!" right before it did.  It had
me laughing for a while....that is, until we lost Jeff's friend, Nate.
It seems as though there were multiple paths inside the haunted house
and somehow he ended up taking a different path than the rest of us.  He
eventually showed up at the exit about five minutes after we did.  After
that we decided to head up towards the front of the park.

There was no way we could pass up a ride on Mantis and so that's where
we headed next.  We opted to wait the extra fif*** minutes or so for
the front.  As always, the wait was definitely worth it.  The front seat
of this ride just seems to pack such a punch and the transition between
the exit of the dive loop and the helix over the station just looks
amazing from there.  On the other hand though, riding in the front seat
meant that we were all freezing when we got off.  After Mantis, CP and I
got a huge "craving" for another ride on Disaster Transport and so we
headed towards the front of the park.

In an effort to conserve our energy, and have some fun at the same time
;o), we opted to take the Sky Ride to the front of the park.  Between
all of the history CP and I have regarding this ride and the fact that
CP was cracking jokes the entire time had me laughing even after we got
off........the ride.   It was the most hilarious, memorable ride I have
had to date, but I have a feeling that one day we'll top that one, right
CP? ;o).  I guess you just had to be there to understand that one, so
anyways, it was off to Disaster Transport...

After the rather exciting ride we had earlier in the day I was actually
anticipating another ride on this coaster (ok, so there were also other
reasons as to why I was anticipating it....let's just say it was for the
same reason as the first time we rode it :o).  When we finally got into
the station Jeff and Nate took a seat in one of the first few rows and
CP and I got seats more towards the middle of the train.  Going up the
lifthill of this ride was one of the best experiences of my life, quite
possibly only topped by the one to come later in the day.  I was able to
get yet another ride on this "13th coaster" during the entire ride up
the lifthill.  Those of you who read my post about "memorable event from
the 1998 season" a few weeks ago will know what I am talking about
here.  Trying to add upon this, CP and I attempted to take another ride
on the "13th coaster" while going down the first drop.  As tame as this
ride may seem, our idea failed horribly and ended with me***ing CP's
face and her tongue up my nose (if it sounds confusing don't worry).
Not willing to go under in defeat we tried yet again and took a ride on
the "13th coaster" from the block brake until the final brake run of the
ride.  So one ride on Disaster Transport and three on the "13th coaster"
later I was quite out of it and kind of stumbled over to byard with the
rest of the group.

The line for byard was only about a half an hour long and so we decided
to wait the extra time for the front seat.  The visuals alone always
seem to make the wait worth it though.  It just seems to add upon the
ride's effect and make it even more fun.  The ride was as quick, fast,
and furious as ever and made for a ride that I am proud to call my last
ride of the season.  The only drawback was not getting to sit with CP,
but at least we made up for that later :o)  We then sat down for a
moment to catch our breaths and the idea to go hit Demon Drop one last
time this season came to mind...

Almost every week that CP and I met up we ended up riding this ride at
least once.  Even with the addition of Power Tower this ride still
deserves some credit.  The feeling you get in your stomach on one of
these first generation free falls is one that I still love.  From
beginning to end I loved every moment of my last ride on this for the
season and the five minute wait was well worth it.  After this ride Jeff
decided he wanted to hit byard again for his last ride of the season,
but due to his time constraints the line was too long to wait in.  I
suggested we try Blue Streak instead and so we headed towards that

Many people are mad with Cedar Point's decision to modify the trains on
this ride, but I still think this is a great wooden coaster.  We waited
in about a five minute line for the back few seats, but due to Jeff's
time constraints ended up riding on different trains.  CP and Jeff rode
together for the first time that day, as that was his last ride of the
season at Cedar Point, and I rode with Nate.  Riding this coaster in the
dark only adds to the effect and made for yet another great last ride of
the season on ...

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Another one of those darn belated TR from CP's Closing Day (long)

Post by Iain Hendr » Mon, 09 Nov 1998 04:00:00

<snipped TR>

> I will be using the CPIrvine-coined coaster names, so for the record:

> Raptor = byard
> Magnum = exy

WTF is that?! Byard?! What's that short for?

> Date: Sunday, October 11, 1998 (Closing Day of the 1998 season)



(Lego Amu***t Rides)


Another one of those darn belated TR from CP's Closing Day (long)

Post by john cline i » Mon, 09 Nov 1998 04:00:00


>Hi all,

>Quick Q, when you guys refer to the "13th coaster" I know what you are talking
>about but next year are you going to call it the "14th coaster" and in the year
>2000 call it the "15th coaster.  Just a thought.  You can tell that CP
>withdrawal is killing me.  It is going to be a long winter.

Hmmmm, did you read James Draeger's TR, too?

john cline ii who did and is trying to figure out what the 14th and 15th
coasters might be in that context....


Another one of those darn belated TR from CP's Closing Day (long)

Post by DJMH » Tue, 10 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

Quick Q, when you guys refer to the "13th coaster" I know what you are talking
about but next year are you going to call it the "14th coaster" and in the year
2000 call it the "15th coaster.  Just a thought.  You can tell that CP
withdrawal is killing me.  It is going to be a long winter.

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