Coasterville Coaster Trip 99 - Need Help (pt. 2)

Coasterville Coaster Trip 99 - Need Help (pt. 2)

Post by NOSPAMMER » Fri, 25 Dec 1998 04:00:00


>Ok group,

>I believe that the Knoebels/Dorney/HersheyPark thing is gonna happen,

>By looking at Expedia Streets, I have plotted a rough map of these parks.

>Seems that we would most likely fly into the Harrisburg airport (which by the
>map looks to be 20 miles away from HersheyPark, and 10 miles away from
>Williams Grove)  So those two parks look pretty easy, Dorney looks to be
>straight up a major interstate from Harrisburg.  Now the sticker, Elysburg,
>PA (home of Knoebels), it looks to be 50 miles B.F.E.

>So, since it seems like several coaster fanatics have done this trip, what is
>the easiest (fastest) driving plan to get from HerhseyPark to Knoebels to
>DorneyPark.  (The order the parks are hit does not matter).  It also appears
>that Lancaster, PA (home of Dutch Wonderland) is about 20-30 miles from
>HersheyPark.  Altoona, PA seems to be a bit far though (Lakemont).  Any
>driving iteneriaries from seasoned coaster fiends?

Just to give you some idea of what Chris Lucht and I did last year after
the ACE Con, to let you know how much time you might need at each place.
Note that we skipped Knoebels because we were going to be there for the
PPPPP.  I wouldn't advise doing so this year!

-- Idlewild.  This is way too far for you to really consider, unless you
have lots of time.  We were starting there.
-- William's Grove.  Cute place, more like a carnival with an old coaster,
than an amu***t park.  An hour or two is all you'll likely need.
-- Dutch Wonderland.  We were expecting to just pop in and ride Sky
Princess a few times and Joust once or twice, but ended up taking a BUNCH
of rides on the Princess, an excellent CCI creation!  DON'T MISS THIS
COASTER!  It's not a top 10, but it's still a great coaster, amazing for a
junior woodie!  probably the best I've been on.  Still 2 hours should be
all you need, unless lines are long.
-- Hershey.  Something to consider when doing this trip is that Hershey is
open later than all of the other parks in the area.  In addition, they
offer a deal where you can get in free the night before when you buy the
next day's tickets.  You can probably get in a few coaster rides, as well
as getting a small closing time marathon on Wildcat.  It's in the back of
the park, which keeps the crowds away at the end of the night, and woodies
run better at night anyways!

-- Hershey. We left mid-afternoon, and I feel like I didn't really get to
see enough of Hershey, but that was mostly because there was a big storm,
and the park didn't reopen the rides until literally HOURS after it had
passed!  Otherwise, a half day, combined with a few hours the night before
should give you plenty of time, though perhaps not in the heart of the
busy season.
-- Dorney.  We didn't get there until early evening.  This should be
enough if you only want to ride the coasters, primarily Steel Force.  But
if you want to ride the other rides (including great shoot-the-chutes and
rapids rides!) or visit the very nice water park, you'll definitely need
the whole day!

If Knoebels isn't that busy, you might be able to get away with a half day
there.  I usually do.  Then again, with Twister, you may want to get so
many rerides on their two woodies that you'll need the whole day!

So, my suggestions would depend on how many days you have for the trip,
how much else besides the coasters you want to ride, and how many rerides
you'll want on the many coasters here.

As a bare minimum I'd suggest:

Day 1:
-- Fly in
-- Drive to Knoebels  (You'll want to ride the woodies at night, when
Phoenix PHLIES!)

Day 2
-- Williams Grove, Dutch Wonderland, Hershey

Day 3
-- Hershey, Dorney

Day 4
-- perhaps more Dorney (though you won't get much of a break)
-- fly home.

If you have more time, I'd spend it at other local parks.  With just one
more day you could add Lakemont (LEAP THE DIPS!) and Blands (with an
amazing Zyclon with massive airtime!), just a few hours west.  And don't
forget all the new coasters at SFGAdv, though I'd ONLY suggest doing that
on a weekday!

Generally, I'd suggest trying to do most of this on weekdays.  But this is
most important for Hershey and Dorney (and SFGAdv, if you go that far.)
David H.  

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