TX Giant's new turn on FTP site!!!

TX Giant's new turn on FTP site!!!

Post by COASTRBE » Thu, 22 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hey you all,

I have just loaded a file on the Gboro.rowan. edu. of what the new turn
looks like that replaced the double-up on the Tx Giant.  It is under
pub/coasters/incoming and the file name is TXgint.jpg.  The picture(s)
were taken 1-27-96.

The top picture is taken on the outside of the ride right by the turn.  On
the far left in the back is the 3rd drop that leads into the new turn.
Not a great view but it does give you an idea of how much it has changed.
The lower picture was taken inside the park very close by the exit of the
Giant (close to the Freeze Frame building that is at the very end of the
Giant's exit).  This picture just gives you a different perspective of how
the turn looks.  And sorry guys, I do have these pictures scaned in color
but the one I placed on the FTP site is B&W.  But you still should be able
to see it well....

Please go look at it and respond to this post on RRC.  I am anxious to
hear your views. And plus, you saw it here first, before any other
publication.  (Though I know that Ace News will have a picture of the turn
in the next issue....sorry Scott R.)