Just rode a world's frist...

Just rode a world's frist...

Post by David H.--REMOVE » Wed, 29 Aug 2012 02:09:30

Veil of Dark: The Shooting Coaster at Tokyo (Sega) Joypolis.   And it's got
a whole shooting dark ride section, too!

A really neat overall attraction.  Better than I'd thought it would be.
Really decent spinning, though not a ton of it through the inversion, which
is a barrel roll.

Weird shooting mechanism, via a sort of joystick on the over-the-shoulder
restraint. Basically two buttons, one of thick is a knob that goes right or
left.  You can only aim on one axis, left or right, and shoot with the
other button.

Imagine a horror version of Spider-Man, but you can shoot at the bad guys,
and have a coaster section at the end,  You stop in front of various
screens and shoot at monsters and zombies, before moving along, eventually,
you hit a lift hill, with one last screen after it, then on to coaster
section, which spins and inverts.

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Just rode a world's frist...

Post by surfdan.. » Fri, 31 Aug 2012 20:36:32

Sounds awesome!