TR: Indiana Beach, 8/2

TR: Indiana Beach, 8/2

Post by Colb » Mon, 04 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I decided to devote my weekend to coasters again, stopping at IB and
then proceeding to SFGAm for Sunday.  The trip started out bad, I
forgot the Brickyard 400 was this weekend, and traffic was backed up
for 20 miles on the very interstate I was planning on taking, forcing
me to find an alternate route.  But I did get to IB at about 12:30 pm
and caught some coaster rides.

I was hoping that the crowds here would pale in comparison to CP or
PKI, but it seemed like there were loads of people there.  For one,
the park is pretty compact due to the layout, and second is the fact
that most people appeared to be there for the water.  Thankfully, I
don't do water rides.  But it made havoc for trying to get around.

OK, let's see, I started with Tig'rr (sp?) coaster.  This was the first
coaster of this type I have been on, no restraints!  Not like you
really need them, though.  The wait was about ten minutes for this
one, and I only rode it once.  I had the whole car to myself, I guess
nobody wanted the back seat.

Then, I went on to the Hurricane, and went for row 2, but managed to
talk my way into a front seat ride because there was a single rider
and nobody cared if I jumped in, so away I went.  I was hoping for
some good airtime on this meejum sized coaster, but I didn't get too
much in the front.  The wait was around ten minutes.  OK, come to
think of it, the wait for all 3 coasters was about ten minutes.

After that, I went and did the Galaxi ride in row 2, and it was OK
I guess.  Not too thrilling, but a coaster ride nonetheless.

Then it was back to the Hurricane for two rides in the very back seat.
I have to say I like the back seat the best, because of the first
drop, and I did catch some air there too.  I didn't linger around,
because I wanted to get up to Chicago for SFGAm.  I suppose if I had
someone with me I would have had to do more.  This trip was just for