Charlie Dinn quoted by AP saying reprofiling is necessary!

Charlie Dinn quoted by AP saying reprofiling is necessary!

Post by Adam S. Mille » Mon, 02 Sep 1996 04:00:00

What a way to start a Sunday. Front page of my local paper has an AP
article "Roller coaster riders serve as guinea pigs" by Mark Fritz, AP,
essentially making the point that new rides are not safe for riders since
they haven't had the kinks worked out yet and use their first riders as
"guinea pigs" or test dummies.

Here's the kicker: the article's main source is Charlie Dinn himself!

Among the article's claims:

* WoF Timber Wolf is unsafe, and was released to the public as an unsafe
ride when it opened, causing numerous injuries

* FT Rattler needed reprofiling since it was causing too many  injuries in
original configuration

* KK Thunder Run has or had non-working lapbars, which caused injury

* SFAw Texas Cyclone had headrests added because too many riders were
getting whiplash

* Six Flags roller coasters in "Texas, Georgia and California" needed
reprofiling after too many people got hurt.

The common themes?

1) Lawsuits. Everywhere. Patrons against parks. Parks against designers.

2) Young riders. None of the quoted injuries happened on a person older
than 16, and most of the injured riders were 14 and under.

And Dinn says unsafe rides being released to the public "is kind of the
norm" and parks need to get them reigned in.


Adam S. Miller, Webmaster
WDIV Online


Charlie Dinn quoted by AP saying reprofiling is necessary!

Post by Adam S. Mille » Fri, 06 Sep 1996 04:00:00

> Adam,

> *They* have ruined my favorite coasters with reprofiling and
> added *safety* measures.

This is just my concern. As discussed elsewhere on this newsgroup, the
ratio of accidents-to-safe-rides is not anywhere close to justifying these
frantic attempts to make rides "safer." And, though I haven't been on as
many rides as some here, even the smaller number I've been is being
radically changed. I mean, Blue Streak at CP this summer was absurd. SFMM's
changes are horrible. I can't believe the coasteres at Busch Tampa are
still left in rideable condition (who else expects collars, any day now, on
Scorpion?). It's the extreme frenzy that worries me. Discussing facts is
OK, so long as it is done in proper context and perspective.

I'm a journalist, and once, in college, had a story done about me. I knew
this other reporter was just out to write a preconceived story, based on
the questions he was asking me. I wanted no part of it, and refused to
answer those questions. Next day, I picked up the paper and there was a
story with out of context and made up quotes, making it sound like I agreed
with what this guy said! I think the same thing is happening to Dinn and
others, as overzealous lawyers and reporters descend on the industry.

Adam S. Miller, Webmaster
WDIV Online