I Won 4 I-X Indoor Amusement Park Tickets!!

I Won 4 I-X Indoor Amusement Park Tickets!!

Post by RollerCoasterG » Mon, 13 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Hello Very Soon to be in Ohio Coaster Fanatics!

   I went to get my mail yesterday (Sat), and saw a letter from IX Indoor
Amu***t Park. I wondered what it could be and opened it up, and there was a
letter with 4 FREE tickets!!  It said, "Congradulations!! You have won 4 free
tickets for the IX Amu***t Park!!"  I was pretty e***d (I'm one of those
who never win anything)!  The tickets this year have a little shiny embossed
thing on them this year so someone can't copy them.  If you want your chance at
winning free tickets go to their sight and enter the drawing:


Welp, I gotta get going!  Just thought I'd drop a note so all of you can try
for the tickets also.  I'm sure I'll see quite a few of you there!!  Until

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