Two near death experiences on the same coaster At traveling carnival

Two near death experiences on the same coaster At traveling carnival

Post by jimpel » Wed, 14 May 1997 04:00:00

Two years in a row somthing has happened to me at this carinival

Two years ago my friend and I were on a double looping coaster at the
Westchester County fair at Yonkers Raceway, I cant even remember the name
anyway we were seated in the front car and we started to go up the lift
hill we were about three notches up the lift hill when lightning struck
the top flag pole. The coaster blacked out and we slid back into the
station, now if we were at the top when it hit we would have been toast
anyway when we slid back into the station everybody was running toard us
we were trying to put our feet and arms only on the *** part of the
seat thinking we were going to get fryed.  The guy who runs the ride
dident even say anything like it happened every day he dident even let us
go he kept us there for TEN minutes with our lap bars in place, locked in
while his assistent ran around the track to get a refund he dident even
tell is why we werent let go keeping us all thinking he was going to send
the car back up the lift   CRAZY

Now the next year stuped me decided to go back on the coaster BIG MISTAKE

I was wating on line as the car was coming around the brake turn going
into the station, now on most permanent coasters concrete footings hold
the support structure to the ground  NOT HERE wooden bricks are STACKED
(not even glued together) like lincoln logs, holding the track up.  As
the car came into the brake area the bricks holding the track up
collapsed luckely the car made it through safely, but NO BODY NOTICED IT
except me who was wating in line right in front of where it fell, Now I
was probably on the next ride or the one after so I let everybody pass me
and called out to my friend who went and told the operator who said
something like oh shit and stopped the ride and went and fixed it. I was
just scared that if it was not fixed the track would collapse when the
car would come by.   I actualy went on the ride after that and I will
probley go on this year,  But who knows this might be the year I die on

I think my point is proven roller coasters are great rides but they
should not be set up temporarily unless they are inspected when they are
set up and walked and checked ever day