Six Flags Magic Mountain Coaster tours. Late 80's?

Six Flags Magic Mountain Coaster tours. Late 80's?

Post by Art Todesc » Thu, 09 Aug 2012 01:19:17

> Six Flags Magic Mountain Coaster Tour

> Anyone remember these?

> I re located to california in 1987. At that time I visited SFMM twice a summer for at least 7 summers in a row. Stood in two and half hour line to ride colosus for the first time. This was after the first mod but before the second with the same trains still in service today I believe. Shockwave (my first standup) and Z Wave (Unique but a headache) were there.

> At this time, at or around 27 years old was when I first started to travel short distances to visit parks and ride rollercoasters other than the Zephyr, Ragin Cajun, Galaxi and Wild Maus I grew up riding. I did not know what a coaster enthusiast was, ERT or that coaster clubs existed.

> Not quite sure if it was that first visit to SFMM or another not long after, they had a little known thing called a coaster tour after park closing. I believe I saw a small sign on the way out that day and decided to give it a try.

> At this time you could also use your "Twicket" to get a second day in the park at a low price of 10 or 15 dollars. The actual price escapes my memory now.
> Now don't quote me on this but I think the tour was 15 dollars back then. If more, not more than 20 at highest 25 dollars. With your coaster tour ticket in hand you are instructed to meet at an area when park closing is announced. It was an area away from the exit so other guest leaving the exit gates did not see you.

> The tour included at least four of the biggies and uniques. You would get three consecutive rides on each. Sometimes four if they were in the mood. We were divided into three groups of 20 to 30 people. Since this was a first for me, and after the park was cleared, you just headed off to your first coaster. I think what made this special was the small group plus the fact it was Hiking directly to coasters.Nothing else involved. Everyone was e***d, talking, laughing and having a great time. Adding to that was just your group roaming an empty park at night. I got the feeling like me, they also were experiencing for the first time an empty park, no waiting and what we know as ERT. Just a shorter version.

> The e***ment and fun was just so much more than any enthusiast event or media event I have ever been too. Actually I think the fourth ride was when everyone on the train chanted one more ride at the end of the third and final ride. The employees probably came to expect this.

> Anyway, after doing enthusiast events, media events and putting three years of my life into a park, this was one of the most fantastic coaster experiences I can ever remember.

> Anyone remember these tours? Make some corrections if memory does not serve me well?

When I saw the word "tour" I thought of the walk back tours some parks
did in the morning just before opening.  Actually, none of the parks
near me, or the ones I visited, ever did this.   So, I always felt
deprived.  BUT, in the 80s my company sponsored trips to various places,
during Engineering Week, in March, to places where, well, there was some
engineering to view.  I went with a group to SFGAm.  This was the year
they were building the wild river (tubes) ride.  After several really
good presentations in their conference room, we went out into the closed
park.  We walked the Edge ride (Intamin 1st generation free fall),
examining the braking system with it's analog computer system ... very
strange even in the 80s.  Also, we walked the new water ride, under
construction.  It happened to be a very warm March day for Chicago, so
there were plenty of workers doing their thing while the weather was good.

Also, a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Six Flags Magic Mountain Coaster tours. Late 80's?

Post by Theme Park Revie » Fri, 17 Aug 2012 02:41:36


> Anyone remember these tours? Make some corrections if memory does not serve me well?

Wow!  I had totally, totally forgotten about these!!!

Yes, I did these several times.  The four coasters included on the nights I did the tours were Shock Wave, Ninja, Revolution and Colossus.

All the tours I did were after the park closed, during the summer, so they didn't even start until 8pm or 10pm, depending on what day you went, and it was supposed to be an hour, but sometimes went on closer to two hours.  

I know the tours had a specific name, but I can't think of what it was.

Depending on the group size we would be split up.  I remember on a couple of the nights they gave us bonus rides on Freefall along with the four coasters.

We got in at least 3 rides, sometimes 4 on each coaster.

I was only 17 years old at the time, and this was even before I started working in the theme park business so it was cool to get "ERT" before I even knew a thing like that existed!

Kinda weird to think how things have come full circle in that, as a ***ager, I was all into doing these after-hours exclusive ERT sessions, and now, I'm a tour operator organizing them!  =)