This Bull is more than Raging (Raging Bull ride review)

This Bull is more than Raging (Raging Bull ride review)

Post by DrHavocB » Mon, 10 May 1999 04:00:00

I've been on 28 coasters and Raging Bull is my number one. It's my first and
only hypercoaster. The seats are very cool. They look kinda normal but when you
sit down, you sink down pretty far. It is really comfortable. They are
basically reclined. The lapbar is large in size but it is very comfortable as
well. It is shaped as a U and comes from the floor and over your thigh. You
also have loads of leg room, about 4 feet or so. The ride is very long and VERY
smooth. The first drop is probably my favorite first drop by far! You slowly
dip down the dip and then suddenly you snap down and fly out of your seat. It
is REALLY steep. The tunnel is okay, not the best. It's too wide. The next hill
is very cool. You turn about 100 degrees and are at about a 50 to 60 degree
bank. If you are on the inside it is pretty neat because you can look straight
down 150+ feet. You stay up for a while and then enter a swooping drop with
pretty good air. Next up comes the straight 3rd hill. This hill is 140 feet or
so. It is very tight at the top when looking at it, but you hang on top for a
while (This happened to me on all the hills, I think it's a B&M thing) and the
view is really neat. Then you enter a smooth, air packed drop. All of the hills
on this ride have a unique feel that I can't explain. You'd have to ride it to
understand. The 4th hill is highly banked and turns about 70 degrees. The
inside of this hill is great too! then you drop down in a really long, airborn
drop. Nice. Then you enter that SUPERBANKED really high helix. It is extremely
smooth and long. You then drop down, swoop up, and enter the block brake. If
you've ridden hulk, the block drops are VERY similar. You snap down into a
straight drop, and it feels like the first drop all over again. Then you enter
an excellent camelback, which is VERY VERY similar to the 3rd hill. You stay at
the top for a while and then float down. You now enter a right turn helix,
which goes up some 50 feet or so, and then drops with some suprising air. Then
you helix some more (I'm not sure what direction) and get one more good air
drop before the ride ends. It is a great ride, with the most intense first drop
EVER. It is my new number one as I mentioned earlier. The line also moves VERY
fast. It's a must ride and it is VERY underrated!

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