Need name & Manufacturer...

Need name & Manufacturer...

Post by Barry K. Swank, Jr » Tue, 20 Sep 1994 08:32:54

Greetings ya'll..

        After a good time at Darien Lake in NY, there were two noteworthy rides
I have ridden there, but couldn't get the name and manufacturer of those rides.

Here's the first one. This ride was called the "Crazy Quilt" by the park. It
has four groups of 5 cars on a rotating table. The group of cars rotate also,
in a Scrambler fashion. The main table is tilted at about 20-30 degrees. I saw
the plaque for the ride on the operator station, but it was so badly weather
beaten that I was able to make out the word "Mach" on it. Is that the
manufacturer or is it Mack? Also, what's the manufacuterer's name for the ride.

The second one. I know the manufacturer is HUSS, ( Darien Lake seems to have a
nice collection of HUSS rides ) but the park name for the ride was "Corn
Popper". This one is where you have about 14 cars in a circle, and during the
ride, all the odd numbered cars will go swing up into the air while the even
numbered ones stay near the ground. Then, the odd cars will come down while the
even ones goes up, and vice versa. ( Dorney Park has one, and it's called
Apollo 2000, but the Corn Poppers swings up a full 90 degrees when the Apollo
swings less than that. )

Dave A., you know anything about those two rides?



Need name & Manufacturer...

Post by Brian A. Plencn » Sat, 24 Sep 1994 12:59:45

  Would like to point out that the "Corn Popper" Ride that you described
is at one of the parks that I have visited.  Six Flags Great America has
one like it, and they call it "Big Top".  All the odd cars swing out,
then the even ones.  I really don't know much else about the ride.  I
hope someone else out there can help you out.

                        Brian Plencner