Need help W/ CP Hotels\discounts....!!

Need help W/ CP Hotels\discounts....!!

Post by COASTRBE » Sun, 20 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hey Gals and Guys,

I need some help\advice in where to stay when I get up to CP.  I just
found out yesterday that I will be going to CP on the 29\30th of this
month and we will be staying in the CP area for one night.  This is very
spur of the moment so I need to work on this very quickly.  How expensive
is Sand Castle at CP?  And, where are other hotels in a relatively close
range of the park.  Your help will be greatly apreciated.

One more thing, are there any discounts to take advantage of to lessen the
price of admission??????

I haven't been to CP since '91 so this should be interesting.  And since
I've heard soooo many things about Raptor,  I'm looking forward to that
the most.......

Thank you for your help....

Michael Bent