Good Luck Coasting This Year...

Good Luck Coasting This Year...

Post by Chris Wo » Thu, 24 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Since the season is starting...

Good luck coasting this year.... please let us all be blessed by the passing of
the 2000 coaster season without any harm or incident to any of us on this
board...or anyone at all. I look forward to meeting many of you this upcoming
season at Fiesta Texas... I am Chris Wolf, any of those who were at ACE
Winterfest at SFFT, I was sitting next to Heather Johnson at the same table as
Jason, and I kinda, choked on my soda well listening to Tim Baldwin speak...
anyways, God Bless us all this year in coaster riding, and let this be the best
damn season ever!


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