3D coaster video simulation

3D coaster video simulation

Post by Dan Comos » Wed, 20 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Sorry but the only park I know of that lets people take video cameras on
their coasters is Knoebels in Pennsylvania. The bad news is that they are
closed for the season now and you'll have to wait till April when they
reopen. They have the perfect coaster for you Twister. it has fast turns
30 crossovers, tunnel and double helix! It is incredible. Check out
Bobcoaster's page there are several video's of the ride you can download

> I am seeking an old "wooden" style roller coaster in North America
> which is still open for the season, which would allow me to take my
> "stereoscopic" 3D video system onboard to document it.  (See my
> web-site, <http://www.ray3d.com>, for a description of the process.)

> An ideal situation would be a dramatic ride with lots of cross-overs.
> I need layers of depth with interesting surroundings and backgrounds,
> as well as side rails on the track.

> Any recommendations would be appreciated.  I have discovered that all
> "Six Flags" parks have a policy against video cameras.

> Please respond to me directly at the eMail address below.

> Thank you.

> Ray Hannisian

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