Cedar Point trip report - short version

Cedar Point trip report - short version

Post by Joe Rizn » Sun, 15 May 1994 14:16:23

Yep.  I was there Sunday 5/8.  Some random thoughts.

The 60's are dead.  The Blue Streak station has been turned upside down.  
Computer controlled air brakes, flush loading, only one train running (don't
make it a habit, folks!)  Fortunately, once clear of the station area, you
can settle back for a mighty fine ride, just like I remember it.  

Raptor:  Fun, fast, nice pacing.  And........ dare I say it?........ I think
it's almost TOO smooth.  I'm still digesting it and soul-searching about
just what I want out of a steel coaster and where Raptor fits in.  It def-
initely is a dynamite way to get upside-down.   I think the paint scheme is
good.  Festive, you know?  (Kentucky Kingdom colors)

Mean Streak:  Running OK, still some trim brake.  Smoother first drop than
last year.

Didn't get to ride Magnum, long story.

I'll leave a longer post with details later for those who want to browse
through my overactive brain.


Joe Riznar