Batman & Robin: The Chiller - the non-news for 23 July 97

Batman & Robin: The Chiller - the non-news for 23 July 97

Post by Dana Schwar » Thu, 24 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Since Jen O'Rourke posted yesterday (22 July) that SFGAd predicted
that B&R:  The Chiller may open today (23 July), I called them around
noon to find out about the status of the coaster/s.  

A customer service rep told me that the ride will not open today -
that they had hoped to open it, but because of the steady rain showers
central NJ is experiencing, the re-opening will be delayed until
tomorrow.  Knowing that SFGAd runs several coasters/rides during rain
showers (as long as there's no lightening), I asked if anything else
was affected by the rain.  The rep said no - pretty much everything
else is running.  I suspect that the park wants better weather
conditions for the re-opening, to maximize the odds for a successful
second debut!

While, obviously, information gleaned from a conversation with a
customer service employee isn't the definitive answer to the question,
"When can we expect The Chiller to open?," I don't think that she
would have revealed even that much "news" if the park wasn't pretty
close to re-opening the ride.

Rain (scattered showers and T-storms) is predicted through Friday for
NJ, so, as Jen said yesterday, call ahead before you trek to the park
for a ride on B&R!   (908) 928-1821

Dana Schwartz