Need Help on Coaster Trip

Need Help on Coaster Trip

Post by RogerD » Tue, 26 May 1998 04:00:00

I am planning a coaster trip to the Northeast this summer (I live in
California).  I just realize that because I have limited funds (duh!) I
actually can't visit every park there!  Horrors!

Thus, I need help on what to cut from my itinerary.

I would appreciate any help on some of my pending decisions on what i must cut.

1.  Is Funtown, USA in  Saco Maine worth a trip?  I heard they had a new
coaster.  A Go or a No?

2.  I plan to visit Lake George---should I cut over to see  Darien Lake?  Is
their coaster any good?

3.  I haven't been to Playland Park in 20 years.  Can I cut this or is this a

4.  Finally, I am thinking of going to Dorney Park but I would like to know
anything about crowds there.  Is it a very crowded park?  Are the lines
unbearable (to me lines are unbearable if, in the middle of the day, the
average wait for each major ride is longer than thirty minutes.