Theme Park Review's 2007 Group Trip Information - Midwest USA, Spain, Japan

Theme Park Review's 2007 Group Trip Information - Midwest USA, Spain, Japan

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Theme Park Review's 2007 Trip Information is here!  Below you'll find
loads of information about our 3 different Theme Park & Roller Coaster
trips we are offering for 2007.

You do not need to be a member of any club, organization, or website.
In fact we ENCOURAGE people who are members or owners of other websites
to come join in the fun, represent your site, and bring back photos,
videos, and updates to share with your readers!  Download the flyers
for even more info:

2007 Spain Trip:
This 10 day trip from June 29th, to July 8th, 2007 will take to you the
best parks in Spain (and pretty much all of them) to ride well known
coasters like Dragon Khan, Stampida, Superman, Torando, Magnus
Colossus, Port Aventura's new for 2007 Intamin Rocket Coaster, and much

You will also have plenty of time as an option to check out Madrid,
Barcelona, visit some water parks, etc.  All the fun of the parks and
sights in this awesome Mediterranean country!

2007 Mid-West USA Trip:
This 12 day trip from August 2nd to August 13th, 2007 will take you to
some of the most well known parks in the USA! Cedar Point, Holiday
World, Kings Island, Six Flags Great America, Wisconsin Dells, and

You'll get to ride Cedar Point's new Maverick, Holiday World's Voyage,
Mt. Olympus' Hades, and lots more. If you live outside the USA, this
trip would be a GREAT for you to see some of these parks as the dollar
currency exchange rate probably works in your favor!  =)

2007 Japan Trip:
This trip is going to be a little bit different from any of the other
TPR Group Trips announced so far.  The Japan trip is going to be what
we are calling a TPR "Adventure Tour!"  What does that mean?  All the
organization and planning will of course be done for you, but there
won't be any main coach or bus, but instead we'll do the trip "Robb &
Elissa Style" with bullet trains, busses, taxis, monorails, a bit of
craziness and a LOT of fun!  It will be a great exciting way to
experience what getting around Japan is really like!  Think of it as an
"Amazing Race meets Theme Park Review" style of trip.

This *17 DAY* Japan Tour will take place September 1st to September
16th, 2007 and focus mostly on the lesser visited southern Japan parks
and some of the Tokyo area parks including: Space World, Mitsui
Greenland, Kijima, Central Park, Universal Osaka, Expoland, Tivoli
Park, Parque Espana, Nagashima Spaland, Hamanako Pal Pal, Lagunasia,
Fuji-Q, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea & MORE!  There will be 20-24
parks in total!

This is sure to be an amazing experience. Japan became our favorite
place to visit after our first trip 2 years ago and solidified its
position on our visit last winter! I KNOW we will all have a fantastic

What is a "Theme Park Review Trip" like?  Just check out the photos and
trip reports from our recent UK Tour where 50 TPR members visited 16
parks, had 17 hours of ERT, park perks like photo walk backs, group
meals, even a "pub quiz" and a heck of a lot of fun!

And if you have any further questions, you can email us directly or we
will be having another "TPR Trips Chat" session on Monday, September
18th at 6:00pm PDT, 9:00pm EDT in the TPR Forum Chat Room so any
concerns or issues can be addressed. Once the initial deposit date has
passed, a private trip forum will be set up so all participants can
join in the discussion, give us feedback, and we'll keep you updated
with all new information and communication leading up to the start of
the tour.

Spots are available for all trips, but are filling up fast and we DO
limit the number of people on our trips so that ERT will be REAL
"exclusive ride time!"  Deposits for Midwest USA and Spain need to be
postmarked by September 28th, and deposits for Japan need to be
postmarked by October 12th.

For a complete listing of all TPR events and tours click:

We hope to see you on one of our trips next year!

--Robb & Elissa Alvey


Theme Park Review's 2007 Group Trip Information - Midwest USA, Spain, Japan

Post by robbal.. » Wed, 20 Sep 2006 03:33:07

As a reminder, there will be another TPR Group Trips Chat *TONIGHT*
(Monday, September 18th) to discuss the Japan trip and questions you
might have about either the Spain or Midwest USA trips.  Chat will
start at 6pm PDT (9pm EDT)

For information about how to join in the chat, please click here:

The transcript from the previous chat session has been posted here: please read
through that first as your question might have already been answered.

TPR's goal is to create trips around what our participants want them to
be. Your questions and feedback will only make what we can offer to you
Hopefully this ongoing open communication will help answer any
questions you might have about our trips and events!

--Robb Alvey