Updates to AOL's Kill-File (couldn't find it?)

Updates to AOL's Kill-File (couldn't find it?)

Post by Wildcat » Sat, 01 May 1999 04:00:00

Here is the transcript from my help session with an AOL staff member:


AOLTechTAL:     Welcome to Member Help Interactive.  Please present your
question, and I will be with you in just a moment.   :)
AOLTechTAL:     Good evening! My name is Guy. We apologize about any wait that
you had in order to get to me. How can I help you tonight?
WildcatHP:      Hi, This afternoon when I signed on, the newsgroups had all
kinds of updated preferences, I even got a message telling me about them, now
they are all gone, what happened?
AOLTechTAL:     we were updating them, but then something happened, and they
were taken down for a while
AOLTechTAL:     it should be back shortly
AOLTechTAL:     :)
WildcatHP:      thanks

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