TR: SFNE 26 May Sunday

TR: SFNE 26 May Sunday

Post by Sean Cos » Tue, 28 May 2002 07:51:52

Hi there, just thought some of you might be interested in today's trip to SFNE.

My girlfriend, two friends, and I arrived at about 1030 and found the park to
be not very crowded. We started off with Superman, where we waited about 50
minutes for the front seat. Only the blue train was running today but the red
train was on the transfer.

Next was the Joker's Wild Card, which I hadn't been on in years. It totally
sucks. It used to be so *** that the forces would actually hurt, now it's
just weak as hell. We followed up with two rides on Batman: The Dark Knight.
BDK was running two trains and had a line of about... oh... 5 minutes tops for
the front row. The only reason we had to wait was to squeeze by everyone in
that really narrow loading platform to the front row.  I love BDK, it's such a
nice little floorless.

We got a bite to eat at the Longhorn BBQ, great food, horrible price. Next was
Blizzard River which was a walkon. The fog was on today and it REALLY enhances
the ride. Wear shades next time you ride this one. It's funny when you're in
the mist and don't know if you are in a tunnel or outside.

My friends got really soaked but me and Ali were just splashed by the final
waterfalls, which is good because the weather was damp and rainy. Ali and I
then went on Time Warp, the park's Air Jumper that I hadn't been on in  a
while. We tried to ride Tomahawk, but it took 4 big swings and then rocked back
and forth very gently for about 10 minutes before it finally stopped. We were
stuck in the restraints for about 15 minutes and were rewarded with green slips
for free rides on SUPERMAN which now had an *** line. (Although hearing
that X had a 7 hour line, I can't complain!)

We got right on in the middle of the train on Superman for our second ride. I
wanted to ride Scream, but the line was way too long. We needed to be back for
7:00 so we went over to Mind Eraser, but it was closed. We wanted to ride
Batman a few more times, but the line was starting to get long. (by my friends'
standards) I settled for a spin on Double Trouble, which I had never done
before. It was fun, but not outstanding.

Thanks for reading.
                                    Sean Costa
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