HELP--Need Last minute Sprng Conf info

HELP--Need Last minute Sprng Conf info

Post by JosephR » Tue, 12 Apr 1994 19:37:02

Thought I couldn't attend but--just found out I CAN attend Spring Conf
afterall--but can't find the info I had about it--can anyone help??? Can I
register there (PKI?), or Stricker's if I get there in time?  What are the
times for Stricker's?  How much for late registration?  Is there someone I can

address, but this is an emergency!) or post here.

Joe Radanovic


HELP--Need Last minute Sprng Conf info

Post by Intera » Thu, 14 Apr 1994 12:50:05

Taken directly from the ACE conference flyer:
Driving Directions
To Stricker's Grove--
FROM THE WEST: Take I-74 east to Exit 7 (State Rte. 128).  Go north on Rte. 128
about six miles.  Park is on the right.
FROM THE NORTH and EAST: Take I-275 to Exit 33 (US Rte. 27).  Go north on Rte.
27 to the exit for State Rte. 128 (Ross).  Go south on Rte 128 about two miles.
 Park is on the left.
FROM THE SOUTH:  Take I-71/I-75 to I 74 West to Exit 7 (State Rte. 128).
Proceed as noted above.

The drive time from Stricker's Grove to Kings Island is approximately 35
minutes, somewhat longer during evening rush hour.

With respect to your other questions...
-- Registration times listed in the flyer are:
     15 April, Stricker's Grove  11:30a -- 2:30p
     15 April, PKD  5:00p -- 7:00p
     16 April, PKD  8:30a -- 9:00a
-- late registration fees:  $70 member/$85 non-member
-- Stricker's Grove hours (as tentatively listed in flyer): noon -- 5:00p

Just to make sure you get this info, I'll e-mail it to you, too.  Have fun.

Your ACE Regional Rep,


HELP--Need Last minute Sprng Conf info

Post by Timothy Scheidle » Fri, 15 Apr 1994 09:50:50

As far as I know, you can register on - sight at Strickers Grove for $90.00.
Unfortunately, that's $20.00 more than the advance registration, but still
a steal!

                                        The Mighty Tim