Last chance to help save a classic PTC hand-carved Carousel

Last chance to help save a classic PTC hand-carved Carousel

Post by William J. Buckley, Jr » Wed, 17 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hey kiddies,

Last August, I reported that "The Carousel Under the Clock"; Hull,
Massachusetts, was in danger of being sold off piece by piece!

I just received a newsletter from the "Friends of the Paragon Carousel",
a Boston-based nonprofit organization which formed specifically to keep
the Carousel on the beach at Nantasket where it belongs!!

Friends of the Paragon Carousel have raised over $170,000.00 thus far.  They
need another $150,000.00 by Jan 30, 1996 to secure bank financing for the
$1.1 million property loan they're looking to obtain to purchase and operate
the Carousel.

A small donation will get you on their mailing list.  They also have
certificates, buttons, shirts, etc. available for donations.

This is not a shameless solicitation for funds -- but THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED
can contact this organization at the following address:

Friends of the Paragon Carousel
P.O. Box 100
Hull, MA  02045
(617) 925-5665

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