TR: Oh man, CP Irvine+CP opening day!

TR: Oh man, CP Irvine+CP opening day!

Post by CP Irvi » Wed, 23 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Yeah, sometimes dreams do come true.

Obviously, nightmares do as well, because guess who's back? <;-D

**TR: Oh man, CP Irvine+CP opening day!**
Weather: Beautiful. Sunny and calm
El Music Grande/Crummy-eh: All I remember is this weird-***Pretenders song
that talks about Ohio. Like, "From the banks of the Seneca to the blah blah,
back in OH-HI-OHH" or some ***like that. You know why? Because 89X and
basically every other station plays nothing but veQ (you'll need to reread my
PKI TR....) on Sundays. VeQ in the morning, veQ at night! But this is just
music as heard on the Cm.....more music news to come much later :-)
(((((PSA: Want to tune out, CPI style? Go crank "Steal My Sunshine" by Len, or
"All Star" by Smash Mouth...two of my fave new tunes))))))

Bleh Bleh, I Cannot Remember What Else I Put Here, So***It
(This is long. Get snacks and a magazine, as well as a folding chair)
        This has been a very eventful year, so far, in the life of yours truly. I
finally graduated from high school on June 5th.....due to my dad's illness, I
had to postpone my grad, but the wait's over. And I had one crapload of an
awesome grad weekend (let me hear a resounding "UM YEAH!").
        Next, my dad is back to work. Anyone who knows me will be thrilled to hear
that, I'm sure, and life is getting much better.
        But the biggest news.....yes, I have moved to the metro Detroit area to my
absolute favorite town in the world....chopping off a good 2 hours from my CP
trip time and rendering me ***ly happy in the process. I'm a mere 35
minutes from my beloved Red Wings, (proud to say that I attended the first
playoff game of the season...what a thrill!), and I couldn't ask to be happier
than I am here. All in all, life is not too bad, at least compared to the hell
I've been through. I'm also a bit closer to Michigan's Adventure, now, and in
the process I'm also 3 hours closer to PKI, 3 hours closer to SFGAm, and such.
I hope to make it to ***ia this year, not only to finally scope these scene
but to finally say hi to the one and only Jeffy Tolotti, where we'll spend the
entire time doing quality things, like screaming "TOILETS!" at every bathroom
we pass. If Jeffy, Coasterdan, and I are in the same vicinity, call the morgue,
because we're dead.
        In prep for writing this TR, I reread a lot of my old TR's, trying to regain a
grasp of what I wanted to write about. I had to laugh. People, why didn't any
of you kick me swiftly in the bucket seat about James? Okay...I'll explain....
        By now you all know that yes, my "good friend" James Draeger asked me out on
Exy on closing day, and of course I said yes. <:-) (duh! I was only after him
for what, oh, a good six months....*wink*) But why is it that my TR's and posts
screamed that we should get together, yet neither of us -truly- saw it? Next
time, folks, I'll expect more from you. ;-) Anyway, as I write we are coming up
on our 9-month anniversary, and I *ABSOLUTELY* could not be happier. I have my
so-longed-for Po!nter guy I've always dreamed of, and also the best guy in the
world, period. Thank you, rrc! Had it not been for the gang, I would have never
met him, and never have had the fun I've seen since I met him. It seems so
fitting. Now my TR's will be filled with not only my crap, but also the antics
of James and know that my TR's prolly screamed out for a coaster
guy to tag along, didn't they? <:) What do you think.....should my taglines now
always include him? Because my TR's about trips with him along will be just as
much about him as they are me. Hopefully, James and I will go down in the
record of legendary coaster couples...something that's highly likely, if you
ask me, with the way things already are. **wide grin** Dana....we're gonna give
you and Dooley a bigtime run for your money! ;-) Hehehehehe. I'm just glad that
I was able to hang on to not only one of the best, if not -the- best, friends
I've ever had and someone I care a hell of a lot about....we came close to
losing the team of him and I more than once. I hope I -never- lose it.
        So there you have it. A recipe for disaster. Not only does CP Irvine now have
her knight rolling up in a white Arrow train (literally), but she's also living
in her favorite town and is also downright happy for once. Disaster because
that means you can expect a lot of even more enthusiastic prattle from me in
the coming year. Yes, I hide out. Yes, I am hard to get a hold of. But then
once I start, I don't shut up, so enjoy the silence while it lasts :-)

        Oh wow. First time back. Always a trip. James and I had been so wrapped up in
our own things that opening day seemed to sneak up and bite us, making us
scramble for our pass certs and usual pocket-fillers. I had to reteach myself
the fine art of cargo-pocket-packing, as well as recalling my usual late-night
scrambles for everything from clean socks to hair clips. I had kept myself up
all night the night before to make sure I was tired on Saturday, ensuring a
drop off quickly into sleep. However, I spent 4 hours sitting in my dad's
office in metro Detroit on late Saturday night, installing AOLIM and securing
last minute plans with my guy. Boredom swept over me; staring at a fruit bowl
became downright spiritual; so intense was the boredom that even the usual bane
of the mind-numb, rearrainging desktop icons, was eye-glaze worthy. Took a
ride; got lost; saw the world's weirdest intersection. This was followed by a
return to the office, where a truck driver who happened to be in the plant
started harrassing me about the Internet. He looked over my shoulder at what I
was doing, told me that everyone on the net was weird, and that some woman he
knew ran away with a guy from the net and left her family for him. Listen,
everyone, whether on the net or not, is weird. Me. You. James. Jeffy. Life is
weird. The net is just a reflection of that. Sigh.
        Finally, I was able to get my buns out of there and back to the house, where I
was up until two AM doing female maintenance projects. You haven't lived until
you've been up at 1:30 doing your toenails, reeking of numerous beauty
concoctions. I dropped off to sleep easily, which was rudely cut short by the
explosion of the toilet seat against porcelain and the ensuing screech of my
cat burning paw out of my room out of suprise. Yadda yadda, run to the
bathroom, wash hair, grab bag, out the door. I was so not even realizing what
the day was....IT'S FREAKIN' OPENING DAY, CP!!!!!

        **insert time warp**

        This is not your ordinary TR. This is a time-warped one, utilizing several
trips at once and plenty of completely unrelated crap.

        My first opening day. Sure, I've done the closing day routines out the yazoo,
but opening day was never me. Of course, the time I do choose to show up, I see
no one I know except for a few stray ride attendants. Recall, too, that this
was Mother's Day, and it took extreme sacrifice on my mom's side to show up.

<cheese 1950's drive-in intermission snack food commercial music> It's time for
CP Irvine's 1999 Summer Obsessions, Volume 5, Edition 1! So far on this
season's list, I'm proud to announce:
        *Limp Bizkit's newest song, "***," as well as the aforementioned "Steal My
Sunshine." Summer and coaster music out the As for music right now
in general, everything moderately sucks except for the newest Verve Pipe song
and some song I heard tonight but failed to catch the name of, seeing I was in
the process of driving 90 MPH in search of a restroom, which is a common theme
in this family. (I should rename the Coastermobile to the
"Mustfindtoiletmobile.") It has a lot of guitars and sounds like about 10000
other songs I've heard, but it's still good. If anyone wants a laugh, look back
to some of 1997's TR's and see what I originally thought the name of
"Tubthumping" was.
        *Abercrombie & Fitch- Okay, I see the Poser Patrol rolling my way, but calm
thyself and listen. Folks, we are speaking of a company classy enough to not
only mention Cedar Point in the newest issue of their Quarterly, but to
completely mess up the stats while they are at it! :-D According to the good
ppl at A&F, we still only have 12 coasters. Eh. The point is, they talk about
CP, it doesn't utilize the word "incredible" in the mentioning, and it also
doesn't include the word "small fry" anywhere within the vicinity. I had some
other reason that issue brought me a lot of e***ment, but I forgot what it
was. Anyway, I've been stuck up in an area that makes the Boonies seem like
Vegas and was unable to go to the store which, like a slowly growing and oddly
pretty fungus, has become the clothier of choice for CP goers in the past few
years. Once I moved within a few minutes of one, I went on a rampage (three
years of pent-up enthusiasm unleashed at once! reminds me, yeah!) and
finally am able to include it in my obsessions. Yes, no self-respecting Po!nter
can be caught dead without an A&F teeshirt with a strategically placed mustard
stain down the front, effortlessly blending us in with the rest of the public.
To my delight, my unfailing amore joined into the "fun" and we're now a happy
little "A&F couple," one of several trillion strolling down the Funway. Gosh I
have a winner. You know you've found quite a guy when you enjoy shopping with
him more then you do your girlfriends. Here's a sample of myself and my best
friend shopping:
Me- "What do you think..."
Her-"Makes everyone look fat"
"This is cute!..."
"It's dumb. Look at this!"
"Well I like this be..."
"Your ***would look huge in that, but so would mine. Oh my God! I look
terrible. Why did I ever let you take me shopping?"
"Oh God I love this..."
"OH MY GOD! It's [insert name]! He is SO HOT"
"Yeah he's okay....I like this shirt..."
"Eh. [tosses shirt aside and heads towards shoes]"

None of that ***when James and I go. We both understand the importance that
apparel plays to absolutely no one else but us when it comes to a CP trip, yet
we like to project that EVERYONE ELSE is counting on EVERYONE ELSE to be
wearing this season's ideal "CP clothes." Therefore our shopping trips are
filled with meaningful comments that truly, honest to God warm my heart, like
"No, that doesn't seem very CP-ey." (And as always, A&F -does- equal um

**user cringes as a Mantis line song comes on**
        *The letter X- First it was H, and now it's X! All of you with AOL, scroll to
Webdings and Wingdings and notice, with fright, at the amount of icons relating
to the letter X, including the ever-popular Box With X. Boxes With X have been
following me, apparent by the sighting of a giant X in the sky made of
contrails as I arrived on opening day. There is also, in AOL's great selection
of icons, the Box With Italic X, Picture Frame With X, and a Standard X. (This
joins the company of Boxes With X/Hook/Pound Sign, Building With Chunk Bitten
Out Of It, Suburbia, Levitating Blues Brother, and Eyebells {Known To Most As
Eyeballs}. To get a taste of what I'm talking about, again, simply punch in
your Wingding and Webding fonts and have fun.)

        "Suddenly, out of nowhere, comes an on-topic subject! The crowd retreats in
horror......"    Camp Snoopy is not what I expected. Maybe a little smaller
then I imaged? But I'm certainly upset at the fact that, when I was 5, I nearly
gave myself a heart attack due to my anguish that CP didn't have a
Tilt-O-Whirl, and now that I'm old enough to have my own kids for cryin out
loud, my eyeballs (bells?) spotted a God-dang Tilt-O-Whirl. I bet I would
spontaneously combust if I rode it, my mind expressing its frustration at the
irony of life. (Keep those "why is this poem ironic?" things away from me!) The
Gemini Midway hasn't bit the dust TOO much, just lost a bit of its vastness and
certainly its forbodingness. Back in -my- old days, the walk down the Gemini
Midway was the Death March to your fate if you were afraid of coasters; it's
hard to conjure the same fright when you're confronted by Snoopy on steroids
before your panic button even has time to develop, let alone get pushed. No, I
haven't been on WE yet. Yes, I know that is pathetic; so is eating
SuperPretzels with ketchup for a year and then suddenly retching one day at the
thought of it, but I did that, too. So what's my opinion so far? I'm thrilled
we have a new section and coaster. It's well-done, cute, and no doubt tons of
fun if you're a kid. I miss the Berenstains, but such is life and now I have
yet another thing to whine about to people when it comes to CP. (I can see
myself when I'm 80 and my grandkids are asking about CP..."When I was your age,
all I had was the
G-D Berenstain Bears and this BOOTH I had to sit in and pretend I was talking
to Mama Bear! So shaddup about being bored!") I wish that I would have had a
Camp Snoopy to go to when I was little, but I probably would have been scared
by it or see, I haven't done well in kiddy lands. You guys
remember the Smurf boat ride at PKI? Well...I was scared off my tookas by that
thing. Not only did I scream the entire time but then hid under the front end
of the boat. The thing that really sent me careening off the edge was the door
at the end of the ride that opened and closed, so that, to a child, it appeared
that you were going to be mashed into pulp as reward for sticking out the ride.
I hid even further under the front edge of the boat as we went under that. I
hated Smurfs. I still hate Smurfs. I got off that ride and ran back over to the
card house (which also scared me) and to the Flintstone bumper cars, which I
rode only about 90000000000 times during my time in PKI's kiddy land. Actually,
I think I am more afraid of ChocoTacos then I am anything else today at PKI,
but if those Smurfs come looking for me, I'm in the Pet Check locked into a
cage trembling in fear, okay?
        I'm wondering if the Smurf Boats From HELL are any relation to the
30-foot-long Pirate Poop that Jeffy spoke of back a while ago? Veterans will
recall what I am speaking of.
        James and I zoomed through Camp Snoopy with a couple of glances right and
left. My last trip gleaned not very many new opinions in regards to the new
section; I'll be interested to see it come July when the park is teeming with
children. No, my friends, this isn't a review TR. This is a
first-of-the-season, rambling, mixed up mess of a life-report more than
anything rambling? Rambling enough to be out of order...because
I'm going to skip to-
        More Proof of "It Only Happens at Cedar Point": James and I saved Raptor for
close to last come opening day, and as we neared the stairs up to the aerie,
the Byard shut down. Surrounded by other A&F Couples and random frat boys,
hormones refused to let the situation go unchecked. The crowd chose to make the
political statement of "HELL NO, WE WON'T GO!" when they were told to exit
since the ride would be down mechanical. Sure enough, here come the cops,
running like nuts as the cheers turned to "*&%K YOU!;" we decided to make our
exit at this point. Only at Cedar Point. No where else would you find a group
of people hell-BENT on informing the world that they, yes, THEY WOULD NOT BE
INTIMIDATED by the fact that a roller coaster broke down, and that they take
PERSONAL OFFENSE at this event!
     I finally did make it back to the ole Byard on my last trip. Oh dear. Why
does this ride keep threatening Magnum's #1 perch? You're all used to my raving
about the rides, and you spoiled brats who get around more ;-) probably
consider a lot of coasters better. So be it. But for me, Raptor still amazes.
Although I would venture that James and I nearly bursting open out of
e***ment to ride did add to the experience, my first ride of the year on
Raptor once again blew me away. When it all comes down to it, the REAL
world-class rides in the park are Magnum and Raptor, period. Mantis' dead-time
during the end just clips its wings enough to keep it out of the "forever
classic" bin. There is nothing more fun, and nothing I look forward to more,
then standing in line for Raptor or Magnum at night, chatting and messing
around with my James and soaking in the summer atmosphere, everything from the
music to the people, the scents, the smells, the zaniness. I sense a bit of a
change taking place at the Po!nt, but the essence is still there.

  Pete Babic noted in a reply I made regarding the state of the park that I was
kind of ignoring the fact that although yes, roller coasters haven't been first
on the list lately, CP has been building itself as a resort destination once
again, and is doing so with huge expenses. Pete, you're right: Although nothing
will change the fact that, to me, the "invincibility" of CP has dwindled when
it comes to it being the coaster mecca, there's no truth in the thought that
any of its prominence has been lessened. There is no other park that has the
amount of on-site, high quality resort amenities that the Po!nt has, and in
itself that assures success in a more concrete way then merely adding coasters.
 I'm sorry to those more non-emotional types on the board if that came across
as a silly statement of mine earlier in regards to the park's status, but I
won't be comfortable again until we have, hopefully, a stellar new ride to call
our own. We'll see.

        As for now, I'm going to cut it off here: I'm saving some of the meatier
reviews for part two; a little indulgent blathery always makes my head clearer
when it comes time for brass tacks. In the meanietime...I mean meantime, summer
has officially began and it's time to be out riding our favorite rides and
creating memories that we'll all be recalling on here years from now. (Part of
my summer projects include finally finishing my dream web page) Unfortunately,
as you'll see in part 2, one of the rides that should be making good memories
is doing exactly the opposite. :P Watch for part 2 in a bit!  

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