Camden in 2000 ( was Re: CP Update for '99 (facts)

Camden in 2000 ( was Re: CP Update for '99 (facts)

Post by Todd Lo » Mon, 07 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Sean Flaharty wrote in part:

> 2000 is going to be a VERY good year everywhere!

>                                     Sean (so is 1999) Flaharty

Then Cline feathers opened his big mouth and said...

Ok, spill it!  You or Buck, tell me!
I gotta know!
Who  told  you  what  about  Camden  Park?
Who  is  building  it?
Is it B & M?
Perhaps Morgan?
How high is it?  Is it really 286'?
How many inversions?  Or is it really a hyper?

john cline ii who hopes those rumors about Camden are true, and that
someone isn't confused and just thought it was Camden when it was
really somewhere else....


Gee-Money-Christmas John!

  Why don't you just tell everyone that you have lunch everyday with Mr.
Boylen. At least you tried to confuse everyone by naming 2 manufacturers
to throw everyone off, feeble my friend.
  You could have just mentioned what the local paper has verified, the
Zoo is coming back. From my understanding they are doing safari type
thing like BGT using the train and the whole back center area. I sent a
snail mail to them suggesting Zebras for the area, that would guarantee
the enthusiast contingent would stop a spend some time and $$.

  I believe it was you that said "Those who know don't tell. Those who
tell don't know." What happened to that bit o' wisdom?

I can't believe these people sometimes!