New web site for boat plans & nautical books

New web site for boat plans & nautical books

Post by Ken Domri » Sun, 11 Jun 1995 04:00:00

               This post is to apologize to those people who were not able
to connect to our new web site at:  It seems that
due to the speed of propogation of new addresses through the internet
domain name servers, some servers were not able to locate the address.
Enough time has passed for this situation to be rectified and everyone
should be able to connect now. If you still cannot connect, please try us
at:  (it's slower, but it works.) If you still can't

             Check out our "101 ways to save time and money" for
boatbuilders pages- be the first person to submit a new tip that we use in
the printed edition, we'll send you $15.00 US. Please let us know if you
want your name listed with your tip. (be sure to include your mailing
address if you submit a tip so we know where to send the check.)

Thanks for the bandwidth,

Scott Wurtele